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Thread: Lancia Lybra IDIS V5.25

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    Re: Lancia Lybra IDIS V5.25

    Hello, my friend has the following problem. His car is the Lancia Lybra. I tried to do update the software because it was v.2.22. On the map of Italy in 2001 poured update 2.28, but I do not know how to get to 5.25. And of course to put the final 5:37. Please help from any drive maps to pour intermediate version

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    Re: Lancia Lybra IDIS V5.25

    Hi, is there any progress with this project? I would be also interested in eastern europe maps if somebody manage to convert it from some other format to the Lancia Lybra.
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    Re: Lancia Lybra IDIS V5.25

    I have an Alfa 166 with ICS 5.25. I think that it's the same system of Lancia Lybra, and Opel. I tried to update with last NCDR maps. The ICS version isn't change. The maps work, but the voice don't work correctly. Sometimes the system reset itself. The phone is changed to 5,60 version, and work.
    May be I need to update the ICS with an older firmware? Please help me...

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    Re: Lancia Lybra IDIS V5.25

    Quote Originally Posted by gazo View Post
    Should work straight away afaik
    Hi every one,

    I´m new in the forum and I’ve read and searched for actualisations for my Lybra 2.0 autmatic from 2001.

    I tried the indications of the thread “Opel NCDR/NCDC systems Europe 2009/2010” from 2010, to create the cd for “Spain & Portugal”, but I didn’t achieve to the navi system recongnize the cd.
    Who has done this can give-me some hints?
    Do I have to change the IDIS?

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    Re: Lancia Lybra IDIS V5.25

    try using 2010/2011 CDs, you have to use/recommended cloneCD to burn this CDs

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