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Thread: Backup old version of alpine.exe working with latest map

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    Talking Backup old version of alpine.exe working with latest map

    In the old version of software (2013) alpineNavi.exe we had the possibility to add an "alert point (POI or speedcam)" on any point of the map.
    In the latest version of May 2014 this option has desappeared probably due to the new french laws regarding the displaying and the picking up of the position of radars.
    So i tried to put an old version of the software i got this error

    i/o file error:map/France.mpa (855773XXX+587XXXXXXXX))
    probably because of the latest map (Q2 2014) don't match with the software.

    I would wish to keep the possibilty to pick up alert points and record them.(as it was the case with the old software) and to have the latest map.

    How this could be managed?

    Thank you for your help..



    Finally i solved the problem

    -My fault was to update the software as requested in because they claim that updating the map is only possible if updating the navigation software. So i followed the instructions and updated the software and the map (and paid 39 €!)

    What i done : copy the new map files by booting on winCE explorer (with specific autorun file here attacached) and located in device/flashdrive/alpine/MAP (there was 4 files .fbl.fda.fpa.fsp) on a SD card.( i used 2 SD cards for this trick)

    I copy all the content of the /flashdrive on a SD card (8 Go) and save it on PC (backup). Clear the SD (except the autorun) and and copy an old backup for Alpine file and SyncTool in flashdrive from my PC.I cleared all the content of flashdrive in the GPS and copy the files of the backup from the SD.

    So at this stage when i rebooted my iNE everything was as it was before updating. The GPS software was the one i wanted (with the possibility to add and edit point alert )
    But the map was'nt the last updated!

    So i used a SD card (with specific autorun winCE) copy all map file from the backup and overall the license file . then i put that card in the GPS boot on it and copy the new map files on the GPS.

    I started and everything is OK i finally have the old software and the new map.All what i wanted.

    I something is not clear i can try to explain more.

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