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Thread: [INDEX] Android Apps

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    [INDEX] Android Apps

    Android Apps

    Credits to all GPSU uploaders and contributors.

    Android GPS Software - TomTom, Sygic, iGO, Navigon
    7ways v1.03.590
    7ways GPS Android v1.0
    AutoMapa Europe
    BackCountry Navigator Pro v5.1.0
    BackCountry Navigator Pro v4.9.3
    BackCountry Navigator Pro v4.8.6
    BackCountry Navigator Pro v4.1.3
    BackCountry Navigator Pro v4.1.1
    Be On Road for android
    Car Dashboard Pro v0.9.7.4
    Car Home Ultra v3.39.6
    City Maps 2Go Pro Offline Maps v3.6.31
    City Maps 2Go Pro Offline Maps v3.6.16
    City Maps 2Go Pro Offline Maps v3.6.15
    City Maps 2Go Pro Offline Maps v3.6.14
    City Maps 2Go Pro Offline Maps v3.6.12
    CoPilot Live Premium Europe v9.5.0.440
    CoPilot Live Premium Europe v9.5.0.396
    CoPilot Live Premium Europe v9.4.0.308
    CoPilot Live Premium Europe v9.4.0.183
    CoPilot Live Premium Europe v9.4.0.144
    CoPilot Live Premium USA v9.4.0.144
    CoPilot Live Premium Europe v9.3.0.173
    CoPilot Live Premium Europe v9.3.0.163
    CoPilot Live Premium Europe v9.1.0.366
    CoPilot Live Premium Europe v9.1.0.350
    CoPilot Live Premium Europe v9.1.0.307
    CoPilot Live Premium Europe v9.1.0.214
    CoPilot Live Premium USA v9.1.0.214
    CoPilot Live Premium Europe v9.1.0.93
    CoPilot Live 8 for Android Cracked Installer
    CoPilot Live USA v8.2.0.590
    CoPilot Live USA v8.2.0.478
    CoPilot Live Pro v8.2.0.368 World map
    CoPilot V8.0.0.606 & EU Maps
    CoPilot Truck 9.2.0 1366 USA & CAN
    FlyToMap Marine: Miami for Android
    Garmin StreetPilot for Android
    Google Maps v7.0.2
    Google Maps v7.0.1
    Google Maps v6.4.0
    Google Maps v6.3.0
    Google Maps v6.2.0
    Google Maps v6.0
    Google Maps v5.11.0
    Google Maps v5.10.0
    Google Maps v5.8.0
    GPS Info v1.0
    GPS Navigation & Maps +offline v4.0
    GPS Tracker v1.91
    iGO My Way Android v8.4.3.179971
    iGO My Way 2010 Motogis v2.4 (800x480)
    iGO My Way Samsung GT S i9000 and S II i9100 + Europe Maps
    iGO My Way for Android All Screen Resolutions
    iGO Primo
    iGO Primo
    iGO Primo 2.0.1
    iGO Primo
    iGO Primo
    iGO Primo Android Multiresolution Tested on devices
    iGO Primo 2.0 ANDROID with for 1280x720 & 1280x800 resolution
    iGO Primo 2 for Samsung Galaxy ACE (320x480)
    iGO Primo 2.0 Android Final Edition 2012 All Resolution Working
    iGO Primo 2.0( (16 May 2012) Android - Final Edition 2012 Fast Download
    iGO Primo 2.0 Android - Final Edition 2012 (All Languages and Voices )
    iGO Primo 2.0 ANDROID Final Edition 2012 -all languages and voices,multiresolutions
    Thin Primo iGO 1.2 ( 03/10/2012)
    iGO Primo Android - Original JM Release
    Locus Pro v2.11.0
    Locus Pro v2.8.3
    Locus Pro v2.8.2
    Locus Pro v2.7.4
    Locus Pro v2.7.2
    Locus Pro v2.7.0
    Locus Pro v2.0.1
    Locus Pro v1.10.0
    Locus Pro v1.9.7
    Locus Pro v1.9.6
    Locus Pro v1.9.4
    MapsWithMe Pro, Offline Maps v2.3.3
    Marine Traffic Ship Positions v3.1.6
    Marine Traffic Ship Positions v3.1.5
    Marine Traffic Ship Positions v3.1.4
    Marine Traffic Ship Positions v3.1.3
    Marine Traffic Ship Positions v3.0.13
    Maverick Pro v2.24
    Maverick Pro v2.02
    Maverick Pro v2.0
    Most Wanted Android Gps Navigation Software Pack
    Navigon Europe v5.2.0
    Navigon Europe v5.1.0
    Navigon Europe v4.9.5
    Navigon Europe v4.9.2
    Navigon Europe v4.9.1
    Navigon Europe v4.9.0
    Navigon Europe v4.8.0
    Navigon Europe v4.7.1
    Navigon USA & CAN v4.7.1
    Navigon Europe v4.7.0
    Navigon USA & CAN v4.7.0
    Navigon Europe v4.6.2
    Navigon USA & CAN v4.6.2
    Navigon Europe v4.6.0
    Navigon USA & CAN v4.6.0
    Navigon Europe v4.5.0
    Navigon Europe v4.1.3
    Navigon USA & CAN v4.1.3
    Navigon Europe v4.1.2
    Navigon US & CAN 4.1.2
    Navigon Europe v4.1.1
    Navigon USA & CAN v4.1.1
    Navigon Europe 4.1.0
    Navigon USA v4.1.0
    Navigon Europe v4.0.1 + Q1 2012 Maps
    Navigon India v4.0.1
    Navigon USA & CAN v4.0.1
    Navigon MobileNavigator v4.0.0 + Maps
    Navigon MobileNavigator Europe v3.6.2
    Navigon MobileNavigator Europe v3.6.1
    Navigon MobileNavigator USA & CAN v3.6.1
    Navigon MobileNavigator India v3.6.0
    Navionics Marine: Europe v3.1
    Navionics Marine: Europe v2.9.7
    Navitel Navigator v8.7.0.55
    Navitel Navigator v8.5.0.1191
    Navitel Navigator v8.5.0.954
    Navitel Navigator v8.5.0.35
    Navitel Navigator v8.0.0.0
    Navitel Navigator v7.5.0.110
    Navitel Navigator v7.0.0.176
    Navitel Navigator v7.0.0.0
    Navitel Navigator v5.5.1.0
    Navitel Navigator v5.5.0.182
    Navitel Navigator v5.1.0.47
    Navitel Navigator v5.0.3.411
    Navitel Navigator v5.0.2.703 + cards Q2 2011
    Navionics Mediterranean 5.3.1
    Navionics Marine Europe v3.1
    Navionics Marine Europe v2.5.7
    Navionics Marine Europe v2.5.5
    NDrive v11.4.04 Southeast Asia
    NDrive Italia v11.4.04 Build 34568
    NDrive v11.4.03
    NDrive v11.0.06
    Ndrive v10.1.15 GPS Navigation
    OruxMaps v5.5.16
    OruxMaps v5.2.4
    OruxMaps v5.2.3
    OruxMaps v4.8.1
    OsmAnd+ Maps & Navigation v1.6.1
    OsmAnd+ Maps & Navigation v1.2.1
    OsmAnd+ v1.1.2
    OsmAnd+ v1.0.0 build 101
    Outdoor Navigation Pro v2.1.0
    OziExplorer Android 1.20
    Papago! M11 GPS Navigation ID (Indonesia)
    Papago! M11 GPS Navigation SG&MY (Singapore/Malaysia)
    Papago! M9 for Android (2.0 above) for SG/MY
    Papago! M8 v2.0 20111108 TW MY Map
    Radardroid Pro v2.61
    Radardroid Pro v2.50
    Radardroid Pro v2.49
    Route 66
    Sygic GPS Navigation v14.0.2
    Sygic GPS Navigation v14.0.1
    Sygic GPS Navigation v14.0
    Sygic GPS Navigation v13.4.2
    Sygic GPS Navigation v13.4.1
    Sygic GPS Navigation v13.3.2
    Sygic GPS Navigation v13.2.4 Truck
    Sygic GPS Navigation v13.2.2
    Sygic GPS Navigation v13.2.2 Truck
    Sygic GPS Navigation v13.2.1
    Sygic GPS Navigation v13.2.0
    Sygic GPS Navigation v13.1.4
    Sygic GPS Navigation v13.1.1
    Sygic GPS Navigation v13.1.1 Truck
    Sygic GPS Navigation v13.1.1 Beta 1
    Sygic GPS Navigation v13.1.0
    Sygic GPS Navigation v13.1.0 Truck
    Sygic GPS Navigation v13.1.0 Beta 2
    Sygic GPS Navigation v13.1.0 Beta 1
    Sygic GPS Navigation v12.2.2
    Sygic GPS Navigation v12.2.1
    Sygic GPS Navigation v12.2.0
    Sygic GPS Navigation v12.1.3
    Sygic GPS Navigation v11.2.6
    Sygic GPS Navigation v11.2.3 & v11.2.5 & v11.2.6
    Sygic GPS Navigation v11.2.5
    Sygic GPS Navigation v11.2.3
    Sygic GPS Navigation v11.2.2
    Sygic Aura Navigator v11.2.1
    Sygic GPS Navigation 11.2.0 Android Installer 0.3b
    Sygic 11.2.0 North America + World Maps
    Sygic Aura Navigaton v11.2.0 with Maps
    Sygic GPS Navigation v11.0.1
    Sygic Aura GPS Navigation 3.0
    Sygic Aura 2.1.1
    Sygic map downloader v1.9 compatible to 11.2.6
    Sygic map downloader v1.8 compatible to 11.2.4/11.2.5
    Sygic map downloader v1.7 compatible to 11.2.4/11.2.5
    TomTom for Android v1.3
    TomTom for Android v1.2
    TomTom for Android v1.1.1
    TomTom for Android v1.1
    TomTom for Android v1.0.1
    TomTom for Android v1.0
    TomTom Australia v1.0
    TomTom D-A-CH v1.0
    TomTom Europe v.1.3.2
    TomTom Europe v1.3
    TomTom Europe v1.1.1
    TomTom Western Europe v1.1.1
    TomTom Europe v1.0.1
    TomTom Europe v1.0
    TomTom France v1.1
    TomTom France v1.0.1
    TomTom Greece v1.0
    TomTom Iberia v1.1.1
    TomTom Iberia v1.0
    TomTom Italia v1.2
    TomTom Italia v1.1
    TomTom Italia v1.0
    TomTom Poland v1.0
    TomTom South East Asia v1.0
    TomTom Southern Africa v1.0
    TomTom Turkey v1.0
    TomTom Western Europe v1.0
    TomTom U.S. & Canada v1.0
    TomTom Android Generator
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