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Thread: Navigon Europe 4.6

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    Re: REQUEST for Android Apps

    HERE You go NAVIGON 4.6 apk

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    Navigon Europe 4.6

    I found this : - Navigon 4.6.0 Europe.apk , seems to work fine( on my non rooted device ), has new maps.Try it!

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    Re: Navigon Europe 4.6

    Work with Lucky Patcher?

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    Re: Navigon Europe 4.6

    My device is 4.1.1 non rooted, so i didn't use lucky patcher.Only installed the apk, downloaded the maps and it's working great.

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    Re: Navigon Europe 4.6

    Quote Originally Posted by Brown Dog View Post
    Work with Lucky Patcher?
    No need for LP.
    A clean install on a rooted Galaxy Ace and its working perfectly.
    Installed over 4.1.3 on a rooted Galaxy Note with no need for LP. Again working perfectly.

    Thanks to OP

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    Re: Navigon Europe 4.6


    I have a rooted Galaxy Ace android 2.3.5. Navigon Europe 4.6 working fine but there is one map i can't download. This is Turkey map it shows 0,00B. anyone having same problem? I tried different apk files 4.3, 4.5 and 4.6 always can't download Turkey Map. When i try putting downloaded turkey map from a friends phone in my map folder other downloaded map dissapear.

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    Re: Navigon Europe 4.6

    thank you
    works great on a un-rooted sony xperia u

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    Re: Navigon Europe 4.6

    Hi, it is working great on 4.1.1 Galaxy Nexus but I have a question, is there any way for maps to have higher resolution? On 1280x720 screen they just don't look good

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    Re: Navigon Europe 4.6

    I have non rooted SGS+, and this 4.6 navigon apk not working on my phone. After instalation and restart, trying to connect on google market but it appears that account is invalid. Some advice? Tnx!

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    Re: Navigon Europe 4.6

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