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    AutoMapa Europe

    AutoMapa Europe


    ✓ Over 9 years of experience in navigation systems
    ✓ The best award-winning and the most appreciated Polish GPS navigation program
    ✓ Ideal connection of the newest maps of Europe by NAVTEQ and the most accurate maps of Poland, developed by Geosystems
    ✓ The most detailed navigation plans of European cities, towns and localities
    ✓ 3D buildings in thousands of cities throughout Europe
    ✓ Point addresses in Poland and most of European countries
    ✓ Millions of Points of Interest (POI)
    ✓ Rally driver Krzysztof Hołowczyc's voice



    ✓ The most effective connection of off-line maps and road data available on-line. Browse and navigate whenever you want, even if your mobile is out of range!
    ✓ AutoMapa Traffic system helping to beat traffic jams and obstructions on Polish roads
    ✓ Intuitive User Interface
    ✓ Rich selections of route types and navigation methods
    ✓ Support of Retina displays for iPhone
    ✓ "Door-to-door" navigation using point addresses, iOS address book and millions of Points of Interest (POI)
    ✓ All data and advantages of AutoMapa Poland

    ☛ SAFETY
    ✓ Lane Guidance
    ✓ Warning about speed traps and speed cameras, unmarked police cars with DVRs and any other objects on the map
    ✓ Accurate voice and visual messages
    ✓ Music muting during navigation messages
    ✓ Automatic navigation mode change: day/night

    AL, AT, BE, BY*, BIH, BG, HR, ME, CZ, DK, FI**, FR (+MC +AD), GR, ES (+Majorca), NL, IE, Kosovo, LT, LU, MK, MD, DE, NO**, PL, PT, RU (only the Kaliningrad Oblast), RO, RS, SK, SI, CH (+LI), SE**, UA***, HU, GB+GI****, IT (+SM +VA)

    MAP-Version - Europe_1210_6.371_E056
    inklusiv AutoMapa
    Crack von Pawel


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    Re: AutoMapa Europe

    do you have and a torrent please?
    Thank's in advance.

    Because:"You have reached the max. number of possible free downloads for this hour, please try again in an hour or purchase one of our premium products."
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    Re: AutoMapa Europe

    Thanks @educky for AutoMapa_v1.4.2_Final-Crack-Tuning.apk
    Link: Automapa EU Android

    Maps torrent link: - AUTOMAPA EUROPA.rar.torrent
    Map of Europe 1212
    Version: 6.385.6.9
    Release Date: 2012-12-11
    Size: 2.95 GB

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    Re: AutoMapa Europe

    Version 1.4.1 is running fine. But is version 1.4.2. final crack tuning really cracked? It sais trial on my phone, and expiration at 31.12.2012 (7 days after install of the programn). Version 1.4.1 says no trial, and has about 65.000 remaining days.

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    Re: AutoMapa Europe

    Let's ask together educky.
    I use indeed v 1.4.1
    The 1.4.2. from what i have reading it's not cracked yet.
    I will just waiting for good news
    I like verry much AutoMapa 1.4.1
    But it has no romanian language or interface.

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