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Thread: [Android] Sygic GPS Navigation 3.0 (Aura)

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    Re: [Android] Sygic GPS Navigation 3.0 (Aura)

    Application is cracked

    The steps i follow are as below:
    1. First install the Application from the above link.
    2. Then go to the Manage Application menu in your phone settings.
    3. Open the application and move this application to SD Card. (Or you can also you use App2SD to move this application to SD card)
    4. Now everything will be stored on your SD Card.
    And for this procedure i think yours phone should be rooted

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    Re: [Android] Sygic GPS Navigation 3.0 (Aura)

    After installing the apk file and while downloading base program and maps, an error message appeared that said a certain file couldn't be downloaded but thereafter it continued with the downloading. I was unable to jot down the name of the file. Anyone had this problem and know which file wasn't downloaded.

    I was able to run the program but it sometimes hang and have to reboot the phone. Was it due to this file that wasn't downloaded. Used the 2.1.3 before this and never encounter phone hang. My phone is on android 2.2 (Froyo).

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    Re: [Android] Sygic GPS Navigation 3.0 (Aura)

    Quote Originally Posted by adilhussainhassan View Post
    Application is cracked

    And for this procedure i think yours phone should be rooted
    Thanks for the update that application is cracked. Now I can download every map.....
    No my phone is not rooted at all, I'm using the original ROM provided by HTC with Sense UI 2.1

    Actually Android 2.2 and above support the functionality of moving the application to SD Card only for those application that support it.
    So after downloading and installing the application, I go to Manage Application menu and there the "Move to SD" option is enabled for this application,
    so I moved it to SD card and nothing else.

    I have one query... I have seen that a Sygic Downloader is also there with the main application to download maps for various countries, but how we will update the map if new version of map is available after some time. Has any one updated the previous installed map yet with Sygic Downloader. If yes please mention the steps.......?????????
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    Re: [Android] Sygic GPS Navigation 3.0 (Aura)

    I just own an HTC sensation, sygic does not start!

    Downloader works apps returns to Home, I found an articel in XDAdevelopers about the same, Sygic is working on it.
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    Re: [Android] Sygic GPS Navigation 3.0 (Aura)

    Enable WIFI and Run sygic downloader first

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    Re: [Android] Sygic GPS Navigation 3.0 (Aura)

    thanks for the binary.
    installed on a non-rooted Nexus S (2.3.4), moved to SD and works like a charm.


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    Tomtom's Yoda voices for Sygic


    I've - sort of - converted Yoda's voice for Sygic Aura 3.0/11.0.1 for Android, but they should work for older versions too.

    What works: directions, preliminary directions, everything needed for guidance.
    What doesn't work: road numbers, spoken distance values for more kilometers/miles (no such voices in Tomtom).

    Rapidshare link:

    Unzip into Aura/Res/voices, restart Sygic and you can select Yoda under regional settings. Have fun.

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    Re: [Android] Sygic GPS Navigation 3.0 (Aura)

    Quote Originally Posted by adilhussainhassan View Post
    ✓Latest TomTom maps stored on the phone
    just one more question:
    what does the quote above mean?
    latest tomtom maps on the phone?

    is it compatible with "regular" tomtom maps? or is it just "modified" tomtom content/tomtom quality but not tomtom "format"?
    thanks, orc

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    Re: [Android] Sygic GPS Navigation 3.0 (Aura)


    Sorry for the very noob question but I'm wondering what are the limitation of the cracked version!?
    Is the real-time traffic available? Btw is the traffic info coming via GPS or via GPRS/GSM communication?

    Thanks for the response to the stupid question...

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    Re: [Android] Sygic GPS Navigation 3.0 (Aura)

    Hi All,

    This worked for me like a charm...

    Works perfectly on my HD2 running Android 2.3.4.

    Copied to SD card, ran the downlaoder and it worked 100%.

    However I tested it last night on the way home... about 7 miles, and no motorway. There was no lane assist and no sign posts as shown on a randon google image search.

    Is this not availible in this version...?

    Other than that, its smooth, responsive and so one... all that I can expect from a navigation app like this.

    Thanks !!

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