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Thread: Mistake loading Igo onto a Galaxy S2 phone!

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    Mistake loading Igo onto a Galaxy S2 phone!

    Hi all,
    I installed Igo on the phone memory by mistake, I've re-installed all the files onto my SDcard, when I try & start Igo I get the error message "Program Database Cannot Be Found" I think it's probably still looking on the phone for some files, but i've gone into the phone memory & can't find any files associated with this program, so now everytime I format my Sd card & re-install Igo I get this error. Do you know of any hidden files that might still be on the phone memory?

    Happy New Year.


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    Re: Mistake loading Igo onto a Galaxy S2 phone!

    a bit late but maybe of help to someone else.
    1. deinstall Igo completely the normal way, so dont look for hidden files or something.
    2. install the map IGO (with content etc. ) on the internal sd card.
    3. install igo.apk
    it will now find the map IGO
    to my knowledge it is not possible to install on the external SD card.
    good luck

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