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Thread: Primo save / not save

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    Primo save / not save

    Hi guys,

    I've been in touch with Kimyaci for advice with getting a skin to work on a certain version(s) of Primo for Android.
    I've since realised that a certain version did work and would save in 'save folder' and keep those settings for next time ( Cold boot, restart etc )
    I have gone into the folder and seen the system.ini file with changes in that file.

    Here's the problem and it's just getting the better of me.

    If I switch the unit off and then restart the unit the save folder is still there but the system.ini no longer has got the saved information on it, in other words it appears something is re-writing the system.ini to a basic unchanged version where it hasn't recorded the skin, audio settings, map settings etc. Just basic info.

    In a nutshell when I start from cold it goes through the configuration wizard and hasn't retained the saved data correctly.

    Please could someone offer me an explanation or advice.

    Version of Primo is Primo_9.6.7.242597_800_480_sound_fix_not_scan_DCIM ( have tried loads of different versions )
    Sits in root of device mnt/sdcard/iGO
    Unit is Chinese SATNNAV/DVD head unit for Vauxhall/Opel running Android 4.0.4

    Kind Regards

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