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Thread: Sygic 14.7.4 cracked

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    Sygic 14.7.4 cracked

    Sygic 14.7.4 patched

    Changelog: 14.7.4 r121032
    Main change is support for Octa-core devices

    by New Installation and Update, the base files needed

    Sygic 14.7.x, Sygic14.7.4crk + Base, LoquendoTTS, Sygic Map Downloader 14.6.7, SygicSystemTTS Voices, EU-speedcam:
    Sygic KIT - -

    Sygic 14.7.x, Sygic14.7.4crk + Base, LoquendoTTS, EU-speedcam:

    Sygic: GPS Navigation v14.7.4 + Final Tom Tom Maps 2014.06

    Sygic New Ui Instructions:
    Sygic New Ui (12,50 MB) -

    Sygic EU SpeedCams:
    Sygic-EU-speedcam.rar (1,18 MB) -

    Instruction :
    1. Extract Sygic folder to root SD device from SD data base files link.
    2. Add maps and TTS voices (if you want), using Sygic Maps Downloader 14.6.7 (27.10.2014) for PC.
    All Standard (NON TTS) voices are included in the "Sygic\Res\voices\" folder.
    3. Install APK

    - The archive include the installation KIT only,without maps. Download the maps with "Sygic Maps Downloader 14.6.7 (27.10.2014)" and manually copy/paste to your device.
    - Check the "Sygic\Maps\" folder first: 1. If you add the TA maps, then rename the "" file to ""
    2. Else if you add the NT maps, then rename the "" file to ""
    - For TTS voices, use LoquendoTTS voices

    Sygic TA 2014.06 Maps (- TomTom) Download:
    please use Sygic Map Downloader 14.6.7.

    for Mirrors please follow up....
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