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    Arrow CoPilot GPS Premium FULL

    CoPilot GPS Premium FULL
    Requirements: Android 2.1+
    Overview: Designed for drivers. CoPilot Live Premium is the application of GPS essential voice-guided navigation for Android. It supports over 250 droids, including the Sony Xperia Z, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Note 1 and 2, HTC Google Nexus One and 7!

    With offline maps quality and clear turn by turn directions in their own language can navigate safely and easily without data roaming across Europe. Your Droid ES CoPilot.
    "The best combination of features, performance and cost" - Engadget
    "The wide selection of CoPilot of features, excellent mapping and reasonable price make it the best choice for Android, just ahead of rivals" - PC Pro
    "Excellent GPS navigation solution compatible with offline maps" - ZDNet
    ★ reasons why you need a copilot
    ✔ Offline Navigation Maps over 40 European countries stored aboard your smartphone or tablet so you can navigate abroad without data roaming (select and download maps via WiFi after purchase)
    ✔ # 1 paid GPS navigation app in over 25 countries
    ✔ Go to a total postcode, house number or contact from the address book UK even a photo
    ✔ The high quality maps from NAVTEQ and used by the best systems on the board
    ✔ Turn-by-Turn guidance voice with text to speech technology
    ✔ Lifetime use: pay once, get CoPilot navigation for life
    ✔ Includes 12 months ActiveTraffic Free ™ *
    ★ SU - friendly driver COPILOTO
    Complex junctions ✔ facilitates arrows lanes, signal information and view 3D ClearTurn ™
    ✔ alternative routes: a choice of 3 ways to go
    ✔ Tap and drag to edit the route
    ✔ Powerful multi-stop trip planning and optimization
    ✔ My Sites: easy access to the home, work and favorite places
    ✔ Tap on the map to navigate there
    ✔ Speed camera alerts with free updates (not available in France or Switzerland)
    ✔ Speed limit display and warnings
    ✔ Unique directions read-only driver improvement
    Modes ✔ Automatic day and night
    ✔ RV caravan routes and large vehicles
    ★ 12 MONTHS ActiveTraffic ™ INCLUDED *
    ✔ Find the fastest route based on traffic flow in real time
    ✔ Automatically finds a new route if there is a delay
    ✔ color-coded map, traffic and the status bar live
    ★ Optimized for ANDROID
    ✔ Runs on over 250 Android devices
    ✔ Supports all screens of smartphones and popular tablets
    ✔ Navigate to a destination email
    ✔ Minimize use of back button
    ✔ Background navigation ^
    CoPilot ★ LOCAL
    ✔ Offline attractions: parking lots, gas stations, car rentals and more
    ✔ Online search with Google ™ and Wikipedia *
    ✔ 5-day local weather forecast *
    ✔ Parking Assistant: Never lose your new car!
    ★ Maps Included:
    ✔ Western and Eastern Europe (including the UK): AL, AD, AT, DE, BE, BA, BG, HR, CH, CZ, DK, EE, ES, FI, FR, DE, GI, GB, GR, HU, IE, IS, IT, LV, LI, LT, LU, MK, MD, MC, ME, NL, NO, PL, PT, RO, RU, SM, RS, SK, SI, SE, TR, UA, VA
    ★ addition to all the features you expect from a SATNAV
    Maps 3D and 2D - / shortest routes faster - ETA and distance - instant detour - personal routing options - Avoid ferries and toll - Alerts congestion charge - status updates from Twitter and Facebook, and more!

    What's new
    • Free upgrade maps for Europe, Brazil and South Africa
    • New: save maps on SD card **
    • Compatible with OS Lollipop
    • Better support for large screen Android devices
    • Service ActiveTraffic ™ improved. Best alternative routes by road closures *
    • Bug fixes
    ₊ Only for regions under license.
    * Requires ActiveTraffic and upgrade to full navigation
    ** Available only for certain devices with Android 4.4. KitKat or higher.

    Copilot v9.4.0.144:
    Copilot v9.6.2.807:
    1. Install CoPilot Live Premium Europe_v9.4.0.144crk
    2. Start CoPilot Live Premium Europe_v9.4.0.144 and create a new identification with a fake email
    3. Load a small map and see if it works
    4. Exit CoPilot Live Premium Europe_v9.4.0.144
    5. Install CoPilot GPS_v9.6.2.807
    6. Start CoPilot GPS_v9.6.2.807 and sign in with the ID created in section 2
    7. The licensing work now imported and then load the maps you want
    8. Uninstall CoPilot Live Premium Europe_v9.4.0.144 and delete the folder com.alk.copilot.eumarket.premiumeupan
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    Re: CoPilot GPS Premium FULL

    How to install maps on SD card on KitKat?

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