I found it difficult to understand a lot of the steps when going through the forums so I thought I'd make a quick guide for others who aren't that tech savy.

My Phone: Samsung Galaxy Core LTE running Android 4.4.2

Connect your phone to your computer through a USB and open up My Computer.

Step 1: Install File Explorer from Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...xtapp.fx&hl=en
Step 2: Open File Explorer.
Step 3: Select "Main Storage"
Step 4: At the top right of the screen select the button with the three vertical dots
Step 5: At the top of the menu hit the "i" in the circle
Step 6: Make note of the "Filesystem Path" (eg: /storage/emulated/0)
Step 7: On your computer open up My Computer and select your phone
Step 8: Select your phones internal storage, not an optional micro-SD
Step 9: Create a new folder called "Garmin" and another called "Map"
Step10: Download Streetpilot v2.36 or v2.37 app release for Android 4.2.2 and later
Step11: I downloaded the 960x540+ 2.37 with USB Charger Fix even though my resolution is only 360x640 and it worked on my device
Step12: Download the utility StreetPilot Path Changer 2.7
Step13: On the Streetpilot Path Changer utility, open the .apk file you just downloaded. Make sure Java is working.
Step14: Select the proper preset that matches the "Filesystem Path" you noted earlier and hit "Patch"
Step15: Copy the new ".apk" file and paste it in the "Garmin" folder you created earlier
Step16: On your phone open the Samsung "My Files" app
Step17: Select "Device Storage-->Garmin-->SP2.37xxxxxxxxx.apk" then at the bottom select "Install"
Step18: Open the new Streetpilot App
Step19: You may get a black screen, if so try again. If it is still black try downloading a different version and verify the filesystem path.
Step20: You may get the App to open up, but you get a grey screen that says "Select a locale" with no options. Again try another version.
Step21: You may just get the App to open up! If so congratulations, you just need to add "gmapsupp.img" files to the "Map" folder you created.

I can't provide support because I barely know how I got it to work!

Maps Tested:
Garmin Inland Lakes Ontario
Ibycus topo V4
TrakMarine 11
Garmin LakeVU HD Canada (Doesn't display too much detail)