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Thread: NAVIGON DACH v5.7.1 Patched

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    NAVIGON DACH v5.7.1 Patched

    NAVIGON DACH v5.7.1 Patched
    Requirements: 2.3.3 and up
    Overview: Whether vacation, weekend or unknown targets - with NAVIGON you always arrive quickly and safely!

    Whether vacation, weekend or unknown targets - with NAVIGON you always arrive quickly and safely! Turn your smartphone into a fully functional mobile navigation system incl. Onboard maps to always find the right path without internet connection (1).

    Important: The app needs to install additional data (maps, etc.) that must be loaded via WLAN.

    *** Functions ***
    - Onboard Maps: Save only the street maps on your phone, that you really need. To save disk space.

    - Intelligent address entry, also by voice (1): With the class, simplified address entry, which can be operated via keyboard and voice input, find your destination faster

    - Precise voice announcements including street name: allows you to concentrate on driving.

    - Current traffic reports (1, 2): Avoid automatically unwelcome jams

    - Warning of danger zones (1, 2): Get warning of accident as mobile speed cameras

    - POI search: find your destination even without direct address entry - local, community-based or through Augmented Reality

    - Real signpost displays and traffic signs: Through photorealistic junction views and traffic signs, you never lose track

    - Dynamic Lane Guidance: Always ask to perform at blind intersections or exits on the right track

    - Speed ​​Assistant NAVIGON warns visually or audibly when exceeding the speed limit

    - Optimal Route: Select up to three route suggestions that suits you option

    - Extended Pedestrian Navigation: Find your destination on foot - or by means of Urban Guidance (1, 2) also include public transportation

    - Fuel costs through flinc: After single flinc activation you can offer your NAVIGON Ride automatically as Carpool, thereby saving money. Books are now available along your route directly into your NAVIGON app - while you are already on the road

    - Many more In app purchases available: alternative petrol stations, 3D maps with mountains and valleys, and much more.

    *** Maps ***
    - Latest Map Guarantee for newest HERE-maps (3) for: AT, CH, DE, LI

    - NAVIGON FreshMaps XL (2): For a one-time payment to get the maps of all European countries and for two years up to four times a year, the latest map updates from the experts! For your app is always up to date, includes the latest changes in the road network and many new POIs

    *** Important instructions ***
    For optimal GPS reception, the positioning of your smartphone in the vehicle is very important. We therefore recommend the Garmin Smartphone Universal bracket with additional USB port so you can charge your phone while driving, because the continuous use of GPS can lead to a reduction in battery life. Available from specialist retailers or directly in the Garmin at Garmin | United States | Home Shop! Please also see our FAQ section at NAVIGON. And the world is yours
    Due to the high volume of data, we recommend the use of Wi-Fi for the first installation. This NAVIGON version requires about 1.6GB of free space. When you first start ca.25kB must be sent to register the product.

    NAVIGON hopes you have fun navigating!

    (1) In order to be able at any time provide the latest news is available, some features require an Internet connection (for example, traffic or speed camera info). The navigation itself, incl. Tempo display, lane guidance and more., However, does not require an Internet!
    (2) Available as an additional in app purchase
    (3) to obtain the time of purchase of the app latest Kate Material


    Ver. 5.7.1:
    + Additional extinguishing ability of individual list items in the context menu
    + Gasoline prices once again available on all devices
    + Save to SD card for all Android devices 6 when reinstalling. Please note regarding any peculiarities of your device. Android Adoptable Storage
    + Other minor improvements

    This app has no advertisements

    More Info:
    Download Instructions:

    NAVIGON DACH v5.7.1 Patched

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