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Thread: 1 few serious suggestions and hints

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    1 few serious suggestions and hints

    Hello everybody here,

    I have not been using this forum heavily but looked into it the last days more frequently and found a lot of useful information and assistance. I agree with many of Airon´s arguments in Thread "why did i pay to join".

    And, despite having used this forum really not much so far, I think I will use it more often. So - I want to support it.

    But how the hell should I do?
    I had to search a while to find where I can support you because I did not find any direct link on the home page. Hmm – where the hell is a link to support/paid subscriptions???? Am I blind? Am I too stupid to see it ??

    I was searching and searching. Finally I clicked to “My settings” – Ah there is a sub-menue “My Account” ! But – it is “locked”. A nice locker symbol and not accessable. Hmm. But then I finally I saw - under "My Settings" - the tiny sub-menu “paid subscription”. Aah – there it is !!! Here we go!!

    So just a few minutes ago I paid for a 1 year subscription. To give some support because I like the forum as it is. Without even knowing what I actually get ”in addition” – as I could not see what I get “on top” anywhere on this website. But I will see now, my money was sent a few minutes ago.

    But maybe it’s a good idea to:

    a. Give a “prominent” link to the “paid subscription” possibility somewhere on the start page, not just hidden in the user´s settings

    b. Give a bit more info on what is given “on top”. I and any serious user guess would be 100% OK if it is just to support this forum. As I would be willing and ready to pay GPSU$ for somebody sharing his time and effort to help out on a specific problem etc.

    And finally, please allow me to drop a suggestion to the rules.

    Many interesting files here are available via the usual 1 click hosters. While I fully understand the reasons also for those guys uploading files on to them – the increasing number of such hosters makes it more expensive to ordinary users like me who don´t download a hell of a lot.


    A fresh example:
    Recently I purchased a Premium account for Rapidshare as I wanted to download some stuff here a bit faster and more convenient. Then - I found the new TA maps in the Sgyic sub-forum here. I am thankful that the user offers it, no question! No complaint for the offer in general. But they are available on hotfile. Aarghhh!

    Just 2 days ago I purchased a RS Premium account! the new TA maps in the Sgyic sub-forum here which I would love to get are a lot of tiny files. And for every single file we have this Captcha –thing on hotfile. That "sucks". JDownloader is not of real use as my provider hardly ever changes my IP address even after resetting the router (You know JDownloader has this nice feature – but does not work here and still I would need to enter the Captcha for every single file).

    So if I want to download those files I have to buy another Premium account for another 1 click hoster (here hotfile).

    And what next?
    Then the next files I needed are hosted on another 1 click hoster. I am ending up needing to buy premium accounts for 3, 4 or 5 such hosters just for downloading all in maybe 300 MB or so.
    And as more and more such 1 click hosters come up, things get more diverted. Maybe in a few months we have 10 different 1 click hosters being used here.

    Do you think it’s a good idea to limit the number of “allowed” hosters to maybe 2?
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    Re: 1 few serious suggestions and hints

    Thanks for your support.
    Generally If you need certain files - make a post in the threads
    Or you can PM me direct. Hope I have the files you want.
    Just add you to my contacts

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    Re: 1 few serious suggestions and hints

    Or the members here who are not leeches could start uploading to or

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