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Thread: FSC Code Seller / Buyer - Read HERE before posting

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    FSC Code Seller / Buyer - Read HERE before posting

    During too much spaming in our threads, we need to make a little order:

    1- Will be ONLY ONE THREAD that will offer FSC code for members, all seller can offer and contact members in this thread. Replys with offers/contacts in other threads will be deleted.
    - This thread will discuss only the last version avaiable (EXP: BMW 2013 maps) when new version will be avaiable a new thread will be created.

    2- If maps will be found and shared will be created a new thread (EXP: BMW 2013 Professional CIC - Download), in this thread members can talk about the new maps/burning problems/update problems/ecc....

    Other forums have banned this kind of discussions, we give this possibility to our members so they can "solve" the update problems. Hoping that all of you understand and support this solution. GPSUnderground is a forum that help members to share their knowledge/help and find solutions. If you want to advertise your business respect this rules or use your personal sites. Those who break this rules will be banned and their posts will be deleted (ALL).


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    Re: FSC Code Seller / Buyer - Read HERE before posting


    Members New Thread: Help needed
    Hi updated my navi but now it asked me the activation code- maps need to be activated!?!?!?
    Reply must be:
    This reply will be deleted:
    contact me at xyzxyz@abc.di and i will send you the info and code, or visit for code
    the thread than will be colsed.

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