In my Audi TT Modell 2010 I have upgraded my RNS-Low (BNS 5.0) Navi to the newest RNS-E Navi. I´ve bought a brand new RNS-E without code. This was no problem because it was never installed in any car. The RNS-E works fine. This is not the problem.
But now I want to sell my BNS Navi. To get the right code it must be installed in car the technican fron Audi said. Now I am afraid if I install back my old Navi to let read the code and after this I want to reinstall the RNS-E Navi I also need a code because it was alredy installed. But I will be reinstall it in my own car.
Can I switch between both devices because both are paired with my car or is it possible to need the codes now?