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Thread: So What DVD Media for Maps works for you?

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    Question So What DVD Media for Maps works for you?

    Lot of people still having issues burning these CD's / DVDs all over the forums clogging up map threads.... I think it's time to start a new thread just for this topic.
    We're primarily talking BMW Map updates as that's the ultimate end, right? So no posts about your MP3 collection.....

    I have a 2002/3 E39 530d with Mk.4 DVD unit in trunk. I've found that:

    -----Firmware updates-It'll read TDK or Verbatim CD-Rs written by Imgburn at 2x or 4x only.
    -----Nav-DVDs - It'll only read single-sided Verbatim DVD-Rs successfully, nothing else found so far.

    Even that failed when recorded via other applications or not at lowest permissible speed in Imgburn. Forcing a lower speed than the DVD is rated for will not work either.

    BTW, get the latest updated version of Imgburn as it covers more models and fixes/better media recognition each time. It's a great app, been using it for years, safe as houses..hahaha...little sarcasm there to brighten up your day...

    I've tried TDK both DVD-R, DVD-RW, Philips DVD+R DL, Sony DVD+RW, Tesco DVD-RW.
    Would like to find a DVD-/+RW that would work as it'd be way more convenient just to re-record, especially after just adding a POI or two... but looks like DVD-RW's are being phased out and disappearing.

    Can't get any other brands locally here in PL, so please post your experiences and let us know what car/what works....

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    Re: So What DVD Media for Maps works for you?

    Thanks for your contribution but sadly there are some loose ends to your recommendation and some issues are just not addressed correctly
    Everything you have wriiten is only based on your (valued) experience but not necessarily applicable to other situations
    The MK4 unit you use would seem to have a considerable wear of the laser lens or is soiled to the effect that only certain brands of media seem to be working

    Important issues as the writer brand and type are not addressed and the misconception that lower speed is better. Complete nonsense and I have explained it before with data to prove that slow is basically completely wrong!

    Furthermore I see no reason whatsoever to have a dedicated BMW topic for writing CD's/DVD's
    It would only confuse members and information would be scattered all over the forum
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