DL = Pro 2013 Maps Disk 1
Car= 2009 LCI E60 % series with updated iDrive controller
System = Wide Split screen professional Sat nav

Group, firstly thanks for maintaining a great site and all the information here. I have read all of the posts on burning the ISO etc in Book mode for DVD-ROM. Ive been trying different burners, software and use Verbatum DVD+R Media. My question is that the dvd drive in the car dash seems to make much more noise reading the DVD than with the original. Some media produces very slow reading, but the Verbatum seem to load as quick as the originals but then there is this constant zipping noise of what I think is the laser movement. My question is, should i be doing something different that I may have missed? is there an organisation of the data folders to reduce laser movement in the drive or something? Also, does anyone have long term issues of using DVD+R media in their drives over originals?

Many thanks.