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Thread: Re up REJ 2009/2010

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    Re up REJ 2009/2010


    Rapidshare is limiting downloads and i couldnt download REJ 2009/2010

    Could someone upload again in a new host or by torrent?


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    Re: Re up REJ 2009/2010

    Hi, could someone please reupload the files as unable to download from the link.

    Thank you

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    Re: Re up REJ 2009/2010

    Hi, i have the same problem. Rapidsh says the files are online but shows this: Download permission denied by uploader. (0b67c2f5). I found that the uploader should change a setting for public view of the folder/files due to security changes of Rapidsh. Could you please do this? That would be really helpful. Thank you in advance! (Trying to make hybrid disk for Cherokee 2006 with greek map...)

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    Re: Re up REJ 2009/2010

    please, i have the same problem.

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    Re: Re up REJ 2009/2010

    Hi Gazo, I have the same problem as others.. Could you re-upload the file "56038650AGBIS.part01.rar"? THX!!

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    Re: Re up REJ 2009/2010

    I have good news for you..

    I searched, searched until I found a fully functional download links for EU version of the map Chrysler/Jeep REJ Europe 2009/2010 (

    -> Index of /Maj_300C

    DVD is tested and fully functional!

    BIG THANKS to an unknown user for upload..

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    Re: Re up REJ 2009/2010

    Hi could someone please help me to burn a functional dvd ? Burning Program ? type and brand of dvd ?Brand of recorder ? Thanks .

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