hello i have a erising ES708G double din in dash nav system. the core on it is wince 5. my issue is the wince 5 is in chinese not english. i have complained to the company a few times. after 3 weeks of email they send me a msk file. saying to place on sd and power up unit. i do this nothing at all happens. i google searched and found a firmware file for a different model. that file contained a msk file as well. but in addition it also had a boot.bin file and a nk.nbo file. i asked the company rep where those files where. she seems clueless telling me at first they were in a different link. which was only the calibaration file for the touch screen they sent me. then saying that those are not needed. am i nuts or don't i need those. cause i can't get it to update.

on a side note i also have a horrible constant feedback from ipod controller. anyone know how to fix that? i ordered a higher quality ipod cable for i hoping it would fix it.

if someone can look at my msk file let me know. i didn't want to post it as i don't know if allowed.