I have a 2-din in dash radio that has WindowsCE. GPS PORT=2 and GPS Baudrate 9600

It came with Route66 N7 software of Europe.....works fine however I live in the USA.

GPS PORT=2 and GPS Baudrate 9600

1. Europe is a PRM file.
2. Downloaded Canada/USA maps that were broken downin regions

Steps I did
1. I opened up my route66/maps/Europe.prm folder. (EUROPE.PRM was working great)

2. Took USA Maps East.prm//Midprm//PACNW.prm/Centralp.rm and placed in MAPS folder with the EUROPE .PEM file.

3. in the ROUTE66 folder i went under congifuration setting file called Prefs changed route66/maps/Europe.prm to route66/maps/Mid-w.prm saved and wrote back to SD card.

3. place in radio GPS SD Slot and when i chose any of the USA Maps I got "Fatal Application error on each usa prm file...except Europe.

I have no idea wht to do next i just want my gps to work. please help.