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Thread: BUYER BEWARE - CHINAVASION Terms & Conditions

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    Angry BUYER BEWARE - CHINAVASION Terms & Conditions

    Hello All,

    Late last year I bought a 7" All-in-one 2-DIN DVD-TV-GPS unit (Street King X1) from Chinavasion.

    Street King X1 Super Car DVD Player (GPS + DVB-T)
    Installation went smoothly, adapter looms worked, and the unit worked well as expected.

    Then after 8 weeks of operation, the GPS stopped working and after trying to diagnose the problem locally, I decided to returm the unit to China as an RMA.

    I followed their instructions, and a couple of weeks after I sent the item, they replied stating that according to their Quality Engineers the unit had no fault, and subsequently they would not be returning the item to me under their terms & conditions(cut paste from their website):

    In What Situations Are Returns/Compensation NOT Approved By Chinavasion?
    Below are instances where a customer will not be eligible for returns and/or compensation:
    - Unapproved returns or returned products not processed through Chinavasion’s RMA procedure;
    - Products whose 12-Month warranty period has expired;
    - Received returned products that are damaged because of inadequate or unsecure packaging;
    - Products that were originally approved for return through our RMA procedure but have been confirmed by our QC engineers to be functioning after testing shall not be returned to the buyer.
    - Broken products caused by misuse or mishandling;
    - Returns of your unwanted, unsold yet functional products;
    - Products bought by mistake

    I have repeatedly emailed to tell them that I will pay for the item's return to me, but they refuse to return it.
    They have given me a 10% credit to my Chinavasion account, but they refuse to accept any dialog in relation to returning my property to me. I'm left with no option but to seek redress though international trade organisations, and to spread the work far and wide that these people are a bunch of thieves.

    Happy to discuss details via PM or on this forum
    Jean-Pierre Gibard [spin35]

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