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Thread: Here is a usenet upload manual

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    Smile Here is a usenet upload manual

    Here is a quick how-to-upload-to usenet.
    It'll take you about 1 hour to get it through, at least I did.
    After that it takes 1 minute each time.

    First you need an upload program. I personally have good expierence with Yenc Powerpost.
    There are (not so many) other proggies, but Powerpost needs only some adjustments to work.
    I have stored it on Rapidshare as its getting quite hard to find:
    After downloading it, click yencpowerpostA&A11b.exe.
    You'll see startupscreen like this:

    You need to alter some settings before you can go posting.
    Go to the settings menu by pressing the hand with blue sleeve in the upper left.
    You'll get this menu:

    Enter your uploadserver-details. Often these come with your premium usenet reader.
    If you havent got a premium account, check here for a list with some free ones and be sure Posten is checked with Yes.

    Now, in the same settingsmenu, go to Headers.

    and fill in your Nickname and FAKE email adress. If you want people to contact you referring your uploads, offcourse fill in your real contactdetails, but preferred are offcourse fake.

    Now go to the next setting, calles Newsgroups.

    Here you can enter the newsgroups in wich you want to post your data.
    Ive entered . You can post in any newsgroup you want shown in this list:
    It doesnt really matter wich one you enter.
    It might be usefull for others, I wont explain exactly why now, so a nice Newsgroup for your GPS data backup would be alt.binaries.boneless .
    Details entered as above are saved and do not have to be altered again.

    So now the settings are okidoki, we're going to select and prepare files to post.
    Go to the letter with the 01 on it at the upper left corner.

    For this manual I'll select a pdf. You can select all other files you desire. pictures, movies, data, programs....just be sure for the following:
    If you upload a file bigger than 250 mb (lets say 1.5gb) you have to split up that 1.5gb into parts of approxemantely 300mb.
    You can use Winrar ore 7-Zip to do so. Dont ask why, Im just the messenger.
    Once splitten, select these files for upload.
    Powerpost will show you this then:

    As you can see, Ive posted an MMM2_2012_DVD_C.
    When we upload files, we want it to have a name. You do that by ereasing the MMM2_2012_DVD_C (and just those digits, not the $1/$2] - "$F" yEnc )
    So all digits before $1/$2] - "$F" yEnc give the posted file its title. So give it an relevant title please.
    I gonna name it Workshopmanual Prelude.

    Now go the next settingsbar: Newsgroups

    and select the newsgroup in wich you want to post.

    Forget the Prefix (0/N) Text and File order, you dont need those.

    Now go to Checksums:

    and tick the Generate .SFV file , Generate .par2 file and Generate .NZB file and click on OK

    You get this

    and you need to tick Make all recovery files the same size , and press ok

    You'll get this:

    and you press the pink (encode par2 files) button.
    (this will create .par2 files wich can repair posted files. These repair files are sometimes neccesairy to repair uploaded files as these can get damaged while uploaded)
    On larger files like 7.1gb DVD's this can take several hours to complete. You can follow the progress by pressing the purple Encoding Progress button on the right of the Encode .par2 button.

    When the encoding of the par2 files is complete, press the yellow start (Post!) button:

    As you can see the Prelude manual is being uploaded to usenet.
    The progress is shown by pressing the Show post progress button on the left of the post! button.
    I have a crappy internet connection, so my upload speed is only 70kbps. Better ones will reach 1mbps, the best 4mbps (Glassfibre).
    I post for a hobby, so I have all the the time. I often leave it running for several days.

    Though after ticking this, our Prelude manual is allready on usenet:
    Here is a usenet upload manual-yencfile9.png
    As you can see all posts are found to be OK.
    The par2 files are also posted.
    Lets see if we can find the file back on usenet!
    Go to
    and tick in: honda prelude
    You can copy and paste the url with the search results, but you can also pass on the earlier in Powerpost created .NZB file wich you probably have seen here more and more on GPSU.
    Files on usenet are stored aprox 3 years. You cannot alter or delete them. You can have a try with some files in alt.binaries.test .
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    Read this thread for a quick usenet-reader-setup:
    Look in my profile for more usenet-info:
    PM possible in English-Deutsch-Nederlands:

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