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Thread: When clickin on GPSU links Googles search results

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    When clickin on GPSU links Googles search results

    Since a few weeks Ive noticed that when I click on GPSU links presented in Googles search results, I get an download instead of being directed to
    the destination of the link.
    So like clicking on a normal link like Volvo RTI MMM2 2011.1 Europe 4 DVD set
    wich was presented in Google's search result after a normal entry, my pc downloaded the program goog1e_setup_. with the extension zip.
    After another click on the link, I got redirected to the correct thread on GPSU.
    I've got AVG free and clean my pc regularly with propper tools like Antimalwarebytes aso.
    Any of you evenso had this experience and is this one of the virussus like Gumblar for i only have this on GPSU links.
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