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Thread: Lincoln Nav DVD

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    Re: Lincoln Nav DVD

    Need a copy of the North American 8D DVD if possible. I have a 2004 Lincoln Town Car with built in navigation. It has a 2002 Navteq DVD and if you've been to AZ in the last few years you know it's totally obsolete.

    Thanks, M

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    Re: Lincoln Nav DVD

    Hi all,

    I have a Lincoln Nav unit with HW: 8L2T-18K931-AD with SW:4.010000. My disc has recently stopped working for some reason. When I went to try and copy the disc onto my HDD to try and salvage the files I had problems copying some files over. They wouldn't copy at first, I had to use CD Recovery Toolbox to get what I think are all the files off the disc. Now that I got them off, i'm trying to burn them onto a DVD but am having problems. I tried ISO first but had an error with Nero saying that it had a file too big to copy 2gb+. So I used a UDF file system - no go (first disc). For my second attempt I used imgburn and used the files I copied onto the HDD to make an ISO image, then burned that onto the DVD, still no go. The unit says it can't recognize the disc. Help!

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    Re: Lincoln Nav DVD

    Can I get a copy?

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    Re: Lincoln Nav DVD

    Quote Originally Posted by Jayson Wonder View Post
    I have a copy of the Navteq 8D DVD.
    Hi Jason...what's the scoop with the 8D disk? Do you know if it works in a 2004 Lincoln Aviator, and if so, am I able to get a copy from you? I've already replied to a few posts looking for the 7D (before I saw this one), but honestly, the systems never been updated and I'll take what I can get. Thanks so much!

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    Re: Lincoln Nav DVD

    Does anyone possibly have an iso or other of 10p or 11p disc available? I have 9p in my Zephyr but it still doesn't show the newest highway that went through 2 years ago!

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    Re: Lincoln Nav DVD

    Hi, guys. If you have working Lincoln 8d disk, could you tell me please what is necessary ($$$) to get a copy of your disk. I have a 2005 Aviator and would like to update the onboard GPS. Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Lincoln Nav DVD

    Quote Originally Posted by MeAtHome10 View Post
    Use Imgburn and finalize the 8P discs that you have already burnt. Under "tools" - "drive" - "close" - "disc" Many drives can't read discs that aren't closed.

    Hello, I am new here and wanted to ask as to how to use ImgBurn as I have downloaded and installed it but not sure how to burn the Navteq Navigation 8P torrent that I have..I have tried two DVD - DL discs and when I insert them into my brother's 2006 Navigator, it tells me, "the disk installed is not a MAP-DVD".....

    Please help...

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    Re: Lincoln Nav DVD

    Quote Originally Posted by ypefti View Post
    For those who missed earlier posts we made a group buy for the latest Lincoln 7D disk for North America . The copy can be shipped to any one who needs it. Just PM me.

    Please let me know if that works or the 8P torrent....

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    Re: Lincoln Nav DVD

    I currently am using the image of the 9p in my lincoln zephyr if anyone is interested in it here is the torrent link I used:
    Ford Navigation DVD 9P (download torrent) - TPB
    also link to the other 9 torrent sites with the file so you can add those trackers for faster download from more seeders

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    Re: Lincoln Nav DVD

    Does anyone have the 8D update to sell or know where to DL it?

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