Hi Guys,
Don't kill the newbie here. I have tried looking everywhere on this site to try and upgrade my Ford Sat Nav. Lots for handheld devices, but not too much for in-car systems. I have tried using the handheld maps, but that doesn't seem to work very well. (Hey, thought id give it a go.. you never know I guess)
Anyhow, listed below is currently what my Sat Nav is running, (according the Sat Nav information screen) and I do believe that R18 for Australia has been released.

Info: Nav'n'Go iGo 8 ( (August 13 2009 to be exact)
Current Map: Australia R17 (Whereis data map 100211)
Basemap: 2009.09 (090930)
Whereis Map Data: Nxx R5 (090708)

Note: This is all off a HiTV Touch screen unit.

Can anyone help or possibly point me in the right direction. Maps, information, how to update... anything would be appreciated!