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    I have been reading this great forum and came to understand that various brands use the Denso touchscreen navigation systems. Saab also had a Denso navi system. I have the been successful using some of Jaguar, Land Rover and BMW navi's, however some of them seem to work OK, others work partially and some of them do not work at all.
    Those that work partially display the maps, but it is not possible to enter the adress. There are also some that do not work at all and instead of a map display chaos on the screen.

    Does this have anything to do with loading.kwi? If I would replace it from original Saab 2008 disc, would it help?

    How do I come to know which other brands work straight away in Saab?

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    Re: Saab Denso

    it would be useful if you could post which other maps you manage to run.
    I have tried landrover, toyota and jaguar in 9-3 with no succes.
    When I replaced the loading KWI and IDX folder I managed to run Toyota e12 map, but addres search did not work.
    Please share your experiences.


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      Re: Saab Denso

      I've 9-5 so all my experience is with that model only. I know for fact that Land Rover maps work without any problems. You do not need to replace any files. It is important though to carry out upgrade using the loading.kwi that is on Saabs 2008 DVD map.

      My experience pretty much so far is:
      Landrover Eastern Europe 2009 (464110-7030) works.
      Landrover Western Europe 2009-2010 (464110-7560) works.

      Jaguar Western Europe 2010 (464110-7440) works partially, the adress search, POI etc. do not work but it displays the maps and it is possible to select the regions.
      Volvo RTI MMM2 2010.1 4 DVD set works partially, the adress search, POI etc. do not work but it displays the maps and it is possible to select the regions.

      I've tried replacing loading.kwi on the 1st Volvo DVD but it resulted in Denso complaining about read errors. I am not sure whether any other files would have to be replaced to get this working. I know too little yet, so any help here would be appreciated.


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        Re: Saab Denso

        LR maps unfortunatelly do not work in 9-3.
        In my opinion, you should take oryginal 9-5 DVD and replace as follows:

        - region.kwi
        -IDX folder

        from other map disc. Such a hybrid should work.


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          Re: Saab Denso

          ah, I didn't think about doing it that way. I'll give it a shot, thanks!


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            Re: Saab Denso

            One question, you mentioned that you replaced loading.kwi with the one from oryginal saab 2008 disc.
            Was it size 73 586 688?
            I am trying to make working disc for saab 9-3, but I can't succeed.
            The problem in my opinion is that 9-3 DVD I have do not have loading KWI at all.


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              Re: Saab Denso

              yes, that's the one:

              $ cksum LOADING.KWI
              2834073600 73586688 LOADING.KWI


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                Re: Saab Denso

                Sorry for hijacking the thread, but this is my step to the 5-post rule this forum have.

                I have a Saab 9-5 from 2005 with the Denso unit, and now the original DVDs are worn out.

                I have a friend in this city with the same car (only form 06) and Navi, and he came to me with 5 DVDs that works in his car.

                The orginal DVD played well on my unit.
                The disc called Denso_07, and maps from 08, copy of 06, and 2009-2010 (Land Rover-discs i think) did not work.

                He said that he thinks that the 07-map came with an update that I probably will need, and he have burned lots of these DVDs after he got the update him self.

                The DVDs are all been testet with DVD-R DL and DVD+R DL. All discs are Verbatim, burned @ 2.4X Speed.

                Is there a slightest chance that my unit is defective, or do I just need to get hold of an original 07-disc so I can get the update?

                Here is a picture of what happens when I try to put in the 07-disc (the same happens when I tries the other discs too)

                Sorry for the big size.


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                  Re: Saab Denso

                  I believe your unit is defective.

                  You should get message about"imcompatibile map" and for sure screen should not be acting like that.
                  Landrover 2008 Western DVD contains update if I remember well.


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                    Re: Saab Denso

                    I'm awaiting the 2007 original map-dvd in the mail by tomorrow.
                    I'll try that, if it doesn't work, I'll assume the unit can never play burned DVDs.


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                      Re: Saab Denso

                      Got the DVD today, worked fine.
                      No sign of any update... roumers told me that the screen should turn white and after a coupple of secs it should say "updating unit" or something.
                      Was "COMMENT=2006 ver.1" in the .txt.

                      Can't still read burned DVDs.. so, defective unit still?


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                        Re: Saab Denso

                        make a copy of this oryginal DVD with recommended burner and you will find out...


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                          Been through the 20 pages & can't find anything about SAAB satnav system (touchscreen for 9-3 cars).
                          Just know that it uses 2 NAVTEQ DVDs to cover all Europe.

                          Does anybody know if I can download updated DVDs or use CDs at its place?

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                            Re: Saab Denso

                            Hi. Which is a good map of Eastern Europe? Here is a picture:



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                              backup Navteq 2006 navigation DVD for Saab 9-3

                              Hi. I've been unsuccessfully trying to burn a 2008 navigation for my 2005 Saab 9-5 as explained in the Panasonic section of this forum.
                              I gave it up. Tryed several burners and software without success.

                              How can I backup my original 2006 Navteq DVD ?
                              I've followed the exact instructions posted at on section How to back up your Navigation DVDs without success once again .
                              Any ideas ?