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help with my go 510

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  • help with my go 510

    good afternoon
    I have the following equipment:
    Tomtom Go 510
    Equipamenti AKxxx xxxxx
    Apl. 7,903 (9183/040301) OS: 1000
    64MB Ram (free: 64.0 Mb)
    Gps v1.21, 1.0012 Initiation
    Map: v660.1219 Cen_Eur_plus_major_roads_of_WE
    Language: Portuguese

    I removed the original card and bought a 1GB card and wanted to put the map Iberia v900.4602
    already formatted the card, have the corresponding map, the navcore 9.025.one2009_plus.CAB-navcore-ONE and FastActivate.exe

    is the meta.txt
    ; Iberia v900.4602
    E3 0B 68 F6 36 93 C0 C3 08 3F EC A0 EC 2C 6D E4 Iberia-665.meta
    'll be all right?
    Now what should I do?!
    would appreciate your help

    thank you
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    Re: help with my go 510

    Download the latest version of FastActivate:

    Read the instructions in the first post or in the readme txt file.

    If the navcore is already installed, follow this simple guide:

    More information in the Tutorials section.
    TomTom Tutorials & FAQ
    TomTom GO 730, Navcore 9.051c, 64Mb RAM, Australia 910.4892, Bootloader: 5.5250
    TomTom ONE v1, Navcore 9.170SE, 32Mb RAM, Australia 910.4892, Bootloader: 5.5244