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Mass Unit Loader / Map & Navcore Hacker

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  • Mass Unit Loader / Map & Navcore Hacker

    This package was created for those of you that work on large numbers of tomtom units on a daily basis. Its kinda a pain in the butt to hook up units one by one reload the software then hack the ttsystem file then hack the maps if you have to work your way through 500 EASEs. So I made these scripts some of it is based off the easytools scripts and I can't say they are absolutely perfect because I am a novice scripter but they work and I encourage people to take them and make them better if they want.

    V4 Update
    -Fixed the Navcore hack in the scripts to work with units that have PNDnavigator present.

    V3 Update
    -Folders in the Unit Files folder can now have spaces in there names
    -Added Upgrade Units Navcore Script

    V2 Update
    -Allows you to choose different unit load folders
    -Reworked a some of the commands in the scripts

    The package consists of 4 main scripts (well actually 6) and some additional exes needed to get the job done.

    Demo Script Remover: Name says it all its a stupid little script that goes out to each of the units you have connected to the computer and deletes the script folder. Its great when your worki]ng on demo units.

    Hack Units: When you use this script it will ask if you want to hack all the attached units or a specific drive letter. If you do a specific drive letter it will search that drive for all the installed maps automatically hack them then hack your Navcore. If choose to hack all of the attached units it will search for valid tomtom units by looking for the ttgo.bif file then hack all the maps and the navcore for each unit in turn.

    Load & Hack Units: This script is for those lovely times when you have a whooole bunch of units you ether want to standardize or just need to be wiped and start fresh. When you unzip the file you will notice there is an empty folder named "Unit Files" this is where you put the file system you want to be copied to the units including the voices, maps, and navcore. Once that is done you start up the Load & Hack Units script and it will ask you if you want to load a specific drive letter or all attached units. If you select a specific drive letter the first thing it will do is grab the Device ID from the ttgo.bif file then it will reformat the device then copy down whatever you have in the Unit Files folder then hack the maps and navcore. If you choose all attached units it will search each drive for a ttgo.bif file then open up a separate command prompt for each unit it finds and simultaneously grab the Device IDs, reformat them, copy down the Unit Files folder, hack the maps, and hack the navcore. Once it is all done it will ask you if you would like to load another unit on the same drive, if you do just disconnect the units you have attached connect new ones and hit yes and it will start formatting the new device.

    Upgrade Units Navcore: This new script works pretty much the same way as the Load & Hack Units except it doesn't reformat the drive and it leaves the maps folder intact. It deletes everything on the units hard drive except the maps folder then copies everything from the selected Unit Files folder to the unit except for the maps folder.

    The all units option works by searching the connected drives for ttgo.bif files so if the device has a blank hard drive or is missing the ttgo.bif file you might have to manually enter the drive letter to get it started.

    If the ttgo.bif file on the unit is missing or has the wrong information in it the Load & Hack Units script will not be able to hack the maps correctly. All you have to do after the unit has been loaded is get to the point where it says that the maps are invalid and then reconnect the device and use the Hack Units script.

    For those of you interested, the Load & Hack Units script works with a file named Base in the scripts folder basically each time you run the script it replicates the base file into a script for each unit then executes those scripts allowing for simultaneous loading of multiple devices.

    I hope you guys find some use for these scripts I know that I have.
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    Re: Mass Unit Loader / Map & Navcore Hacker

    In the V2 and up scripts when you use the Load & Hack Units and Upgrade Units Navcore scripts it will list all the unit loads you have placed in the Unit Load folder and allow you to choose which one you would like to use.
    Click image for larger version

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