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How to save & restore your favorites when updating your device

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  • How to save & restore your favorites when updating your device

    To save your favorites, recent destinations and other settings from an old map and restore them onto a new map, follow this simple tutorial.

    As always, before proceeding you must backup the complete contents of your device or SD card using Windows Explorer copy paste, not with Home!

    If you haven't already done so, first you need to patch HOME with FastActivate using the following procedure:

    a) Run TomTom HOME.
    b) Click on the "Operate" function. This may be called "Operate My Device" or "Operate My GO" or similar, depending on your model.
    c) Download a file if prompted. This creates the .dll profile needed for patching HOME.
    d) Exit or shut down TomTom HOME.
    e) Download the latest version of FastActivate:
    f) Copy across FastActivate.exe to the root of the device or SD card and double click on the icon to run the FastActivate program.
    g) Click on option "4. Patch TomTom HOME".

    To restore your favorites:

    1) Copy paste your old mapsettings.cfg file from the old map folder into the new map folder. Overwrite when prompted.
    2) Run TomTom HOME and go to the "Operate" function.
    3) In the menu, add a new Favorite - any favorite (you can always delete this later).
    4) Shut down TomTom HOME. Reboot your device.

    The above procedure saves the mapsettings.cfg in the correct format. It is often the solution to many rebooting or freezing problems.
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