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Unlocking Eonon G2227

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  • Unlocking Eonon G2227

    Hi all,

    A couple of weeks ago, I was looking to buy a new 2Din Car GPS/Radio for my SUV. I didn't have much time to look around but I was pulled towards Eonon G2227 from eBay. Probably, the biggest thing that caught my attention was the ability to use the steering controls. I missed this so much on my Jensen VM9025 equipped SUV. I did a quick search and was excited when I saw a few videos that it is hackable, so I pulled the trigger and waited for the unit to arrived.

    Shipping was fast, it arrived in 4 or 5 days, I think. I went to look for those videos again and watched them in their entirety. Imagine my disappointment when I reached the end of the videos and end up empty handed. The videos show you that it "can" be hacked, but not how. A Garmin-based hacked file was provided but guess what? I didn't see CE Explorer, I saw Garmin in Chinese! Anyway, still, thanks to that file, I looked deeper and found out it was just a mortscript launching Explorer, then Garmin, then terminate explorer. If Garmin work, you'll never see Explorer -and that's what happened to my unit. is a basic WinCE unit. The bonus part is you can choose the Nav software from within the native UI. So I loaded Total commander on SDHC card and boom, there it was. I loaded explorer (from \Windows\Explorer.exe) just to see how it is and it's unusable to me as it's in Chinese. Control panel don't have the english language (or so I thought, it's all Chinese to me). Total Commander will have to do. CEDesktop, PNADesktop will work equally well. Just select from UI and you're in business.

    I tried iGO Primo. It worked the first time but the UI takes some getting used to. Maybe, it will grow on me. I tried iGO8 8.3.5. There were a few challenge as it always started with the istallation Wizard till I really sat down on it and found what's going on. Several tries later and it's now working to my liking.

    Other stuff: I changed a few screens. The UI us using 16bit Bitmaps located in \NVFlash\Application\RES and the custom loading screens are in \NVFlash\Application\Mark. Loading screens are 32bit png files. If you want to modify any of the files, make sure you back up everything first. BMP must be 16bit, use any other bit depth at your own risks. There's a separate image file for "pressed state", which ends up with "T" i.e. bt_musicT.bmp

    What's left: Modify the main screen and possibly the location of the buttons/controls. I've seen other 2Din Car GPS unit and the UI is much much prettier that this Aeonon.

    I'm not new to the scene but have been away too long. I was the first one to get iGO8 running on Jensen NAV101 with Voice/TTS. A horrible unit, by the way, but iGO8 made it decent.

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    Re: Unlocking Eonon G2227

    A few images I used and changed. I'm not too hooked into this but I like these a lot better than the stock ones