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Thread: Pros and Cons for Buying Garmin LifeTime Map Update

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    Pros and Cons for Buying Garmin LifeTime Map Update

    Pros and Cons for Buying Garmin LifeTime Map Update

    1. Four fresh new maps updates per year
    2. Notification of new maps when available
    3. Firmware and support files download to device
    4. The price of LifeTime maps has dropped to $54
    5. Can be purchased by online map code or map update card

    1. Older Garmin units may not have enough internal memory for new maps
    2. For some GPS units you will need to purchase 4GB SD memory card
    3. Down loading large maps files will take lots of time
    4. This map update only can be used to update the preloaded maps that came installed on your Garmin device
    5. The GPS must be registered in your name (INPORTANT)

    Tips before purchase
    1. Log onto your Garmin account and confirm the GPS is registered in your name
    2. You will need a fast internet connection
    3. 8GB of free space in your computer
    4. Take time to read the comments from those that have purchased this product, it’s cheaper to learn from others mistakes then make them your self Garmin nüMaps Lifetime North America Map Updates: GPS & Navigation Garmin nüMaps Lifetime Map Update for North America [Online Map Code]: Electronics

    Deal Breaker for me
    1. My nuvi 1300 was purchased pre-owned and not registered in my name
    2. The LifeTime map update is for US & Canada only, I must have Mexico maps included
    3. The unit is 3 years old and needs a new battery before buying LifeTime map update
    4. My StreetPilot 2730 has no SD Card slot and a slow CPU processor for today’s maps
    5. My StreetPilot III can only use None-NT maps

    -For me it may be better option to purchase a new GPS unit with lifetime maps and traffic and use the older units for backup.
    -For those that have GPS unit with Europe and North American maps you can purchase LifeTime maps for these units.

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    Re: Pros and Cons for Buying Garmin LifeTime Map Update

    Garmin nüMaps Lifetime North America Map Updates for $26.99 w/ $3.00 shipping on Amazon. Garmin nüMaps Lifetime North America Map Updates: GPS & Navigation

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    Re: Pros and Cons for Buying Garmin LifeTime Map Update

    I have a number of older GPS devices and my newest one (3760) has lifetime maps.

    Buying a SD card for larger maps: I purchased a SANDISK 16 GB card - ULTRA SPEED for my unit years ago, and it overcomes the speed issue when plugged into a USB 2.0 port (if left in device) or can work 10 - 20X faster transfer speed when used with on a PC with an EXTERNAL card reader. The cards come in SD size and a much smaller, "MOBILE" Size... about the size of your PINKY nail (about 5 mm wide). These ULTRA speed cards are heat and water resistance, although those aren't as Resistant as they claim - certainly not as resistant to heat as you'd need to resist the heat of a HOT Summer sun on a cars' dashboard... and they ARE much FASTER than the old SD cards. I can update my device's maps in less than a couple of hours, at most - for a complete USA map w MEXICO and CANADA.

    USED DEVICES - Garmin's site provides a way for you to register a device in YOUR name that was previously registered to someone else. You only have to provide the Unit's INTERNAL ID and Serial number, answer a few questions and if the device was not reported stolen, it becomes registered to you (ON yOUR GARMIN account). This requires you ALREADY have an account on the GARMIN site (It's FREE). I've done it with a NUVI 5000 I bought off eBay a few months back.

    MAPS can only be used on Registered device?: 2 things here that you may not know -

    1) When you update your devices' map files, GARMIN EXPRESS asks you if you want to install to DEVICE ONLY or to your PC or to BOTH. If you choose BOTH, You will have a copy of the NEWEST map installed on your PC, and THAT allows you to use MAPSOURCE or BASECAMP to look over the maps. And if you EVER need to reinstall the maps to your device, reinstallation is faster - I believe without having to re-download the maps.

    2) if you have older devices, and need some of those maps - you can create an UNLOCKED map to use with these other devices, And NO one will know except you that you are using hacked (unlocked maps) on your other devices.

    To do this, you have TWO options: A) all you do is copy the IMG file from your GPS unit with LIFETIME MAPS, to your PC. Then use one of the UNLOCK utilities to unlock this image file. Copy to an SD card and install into GPS unit of your choice.

    if your GPS doesn't use an SD card, you have a further option to install the copy of the MAPs installed on your PC, to your OLD gps unit by using "Mapsource" to unlock the map file you'll be sending to the unit with a cable. This only requires you find a Key program to create UNLOCK codes for use to unlock your maps on Mapsource. Then enter his new unlock key and build yourself a new map as big as you can fit on your older device. HIT SEND and your OLD unit will be updated!

    Please read up on any of these procedures since I may have missed a thing or two of the steps in my explanations. But LIFETIME maps is an excellent resource for anyone.

    If you do any of these things, ALWAYS make a backup of your downloaded IMG file from your GPS (onto a DVD). If you unlock the IMG file for your other GPS units, ALSO make a backup of THAT file... in case something ever happens to your SD card.

    If you can, make a back up of your GPS' units entire contents, for the same reason!
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