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Thread: JaVaWa Device Manager Software

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    JaVaWa Device Manager Software

    JaVaWa Device Manager Software

    JaVaWa Device Manager helps you to manage the contents of your Garmin device and accompanying (micro) SD cards in an easy way. The program performs an exhaustive check, reports potential conflicts and provides a wealth of information about the maps in your device or on your SD card.
    You can secure contents of your device (or SD card) through a backup, and restore it later.

    JaVaWa Device Manager also offers the possibility to delete certain non-essential files to make room for the ever-expanding maps, you can install different types of files while JaVaWa Device Manager ensures that they are put in the right place, and you can customize certain properties of maps.
    Why use JaVaWa Device Manager?

    Garmin GPS devices support the use of more than one map; there is a large range of maps available, both paid and free.
    But it isn't made easy for the user:
    • The available space on a device is limited.
    • Each unit has different requirements with regard to file names and folders in which the maps must be put in.
    • Some devices have a limit to the number of map segments.
    • Having (parts of) the same map twice on the device is a guaranty for problems.
    • Some devices require transferring several maps at once, but other devices require the opposite: one map at a time. Unfortunately the programs of Garmin do not take this into account.
    • It is very difficult to determine which (parts of) maps are exactly on your device.
    • The contents of most devices can be accessed easily via Explorer / Finder, but it's also too easy to "clean up" the contents (with possibly disastrous consequences...)
    JaVaWa GPS-tools | JaVaWa Device Manager

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    Re: JaVaWa Device Manager Software

    thank you looks handy, I will give it a go

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