I am the technical support for a small busing company. I have 25-30 Garmin units at any given time that require frequent updates. What I do is keep a master list of clients and students that are frequently picked up by us. In years past I have always added new students and clients to the master list using the fantastic program Nuvi Editor. The problem with Nuvi Editor is something to do with Google's way of communicating with it. It has changed but Nuvi Editor has not.

What I am looking for is a simple program that allows me to:

01) Enter a clients name and info
02) Have the software search the address and bring me back available matches
03) Have the software populate the necessary coordinates
03) Let me see the point on a map and allow me to move the point to a different spot (In case I want to mark a different entrance or another spot on the street)
04) Save the file as a GPX and allow me to easily export it to any Garmin GPS that I have hooked up
05) Save it to the Custom POI section of my Garmin

Nuvi Editor was able to do all of that but has now ceased to function the way it used to. Any suggestions for software that can do these things and does not have a steep learning curve would be greatly appreciated. I would prefer freeware but if that is not possible I am willing to pay for software.