I am having trouble loading a working version of g2 Vision VUS036R-Inland lakes on a SD card. To start, I downloaded the file in three parts then extracted the file with WinRAR, then used GmapTool to create a mapset with a generated .UNL file that I placed in Notepad (selected all files(*.*)) to be placed in my Garmin file on the SD card. It will show the yellow outline of the covered area on my GPS, but when I try to zoom in on a body of water it disappears when the zoom gets close. I have also tried gimgunlock.MapSigPatch and Garmin Keygen v1.5 + CF.exe to unlock the map with same results. I have a 8g SD card with the gmapsupp file and the gmapsupp.unl file in a Garmin folder. The unit is a Garmin 640.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!