Hi All

I have a Garmin 1490 and a 2699 both with 12v traffic receiver power cords,
the Garmin 1490 is a standard FM traffic receiver and the Garmin 2699 is Digital (HD) traffic receiver now can I use the 1490 FM receiver on the Garmin 2699, or not,
You may ask why I would want to down grade the unit well where I live Digital (HD) traffic is not covered too well and the standard FM traffic is Good
and normally travel with both in the car, (yes I'm afraid to plug it in and try it just in case it blows up ) so thought I would ask here beforehand.

Lastly Digital Traffic,

Here in Europe we have GTM 70™ Digital Traffic Receiver the US has GTM 60™ Digital Traffic Receiver - I visit the US and just wonder if the GTM 70 will still work
You would hope so both being digital but knowing how these folk building these thing think (more money) you never know,

any input appreciated