I'm working on very detailled custom maps for a GPSMAP 64st. I'm facing the following problem : my maps are so detailled that I reach the 500 image limit. I thought that I could get around it by making separate KMZ files, activating only the one I'd need at my current location.

Un fortunately Garmin's developper's seems to had the stupid idea to count the images even for desactivated cards !

The only way I currently found would be to have many SDcards, one for each custom map but it's not convenient at all as you have to remove the battey to access the SD Card !

Does someone knows a way to store more than 500 images on a 64st ?


(I also thought to convert kmz to jnx but it semms that's only work on jailbroken garmin gps and I'm not sure this is possible for a 64st)