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Thread: Carte Blanche Ukraine Map v2011.06 (2011.07)

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    Carte Blanche Ukraine Map v2011.06 (2011.07)

    Carte Blanche Ukraine Map v2011.06 (2011.07)
    Credits to Catymag

    • Automatic route calculation with regard of Traffic regulations
    • Total length of road coverage: 433 900 km
    • Detailed coverage of settlements: 46.8% of the Ukrainian population, or 534 settlements, including 119 cities, in particular, all regional centers and all cities with more than 130 000 inhabitants; almost all of this coverage (41.4% of population) includes address search
    • Building footprints and building numbers: 36.2% of population
    • 3D buildings (elevated footprints): 11.7% of population
    • Detailed coverage of all settlements in Bilotserkivs'kyi, Boryspil's'kyi, Brovars'kyi, Kaharlyts'kyi, Kyievo-Sviatoshyns'kyi, Obukhivs'kyi and Vasyl'kivs'kyi Districts (rayons) of Kyiv Region (oblast)
    • Detailed coverage of the in-block passages in the majority of the residential districts in Kyiv and in many other cities
    • Time dependent driving restrictions
    • Lane Information – available for Kyiv–Boryspil’ highway and for a number of intersections in Kyiv
    • Signpost information – available for Kyiv–Boryspil’ highway
    • Basic coverage of the road network without street naming and address search: most settlements with more than 5 000 inhabitants
    • A large number of grade-separated intersections
    • A large number of unpaved roads
    • Number of POIs: more than 64 200, a lot of them contain contact information
    • Railways, forests, parks, rivers, streams, channels, lakes and seas
    • Languages: Ukrainian (Cyrillic), English (Latin)
    • Updates are issued on a trimestrial basi

    MapID: 575

    Download Locked Image: English (Latin)
    Download UnLocked Image: English (Latin)
    Download Locked Image: Ukrainian (Cyrillic)
    Download UnLocked Image: Ukrainian (Cyrillic)
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