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Thread: TOPO Israel V2.01

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    TOPO Israel V2.01

    TOPO Israel V2.01
    Version: 2.01
    Released: Jan, 2011

    Explore Israel:
    Get detailed recreational and street maps for outdoor activities in Israel. TOPO Israel provides detailed topographic information, including terrain contours, elevations and summits, paths, routable roads and geographic points, as well as coverage of national parks, notable trails and tracks, lakes, rivers, streams and more.

    With TOPO Israel, you can view the landscape and estimate terrain difficulty, on compatible units, using dense contour intervals with DEM (digital elevation model) and 3-D terrain shading. It also features a searchable database of points of interest and has routable road content to give you turn-by-turn directions to your destination, provided by Mapa.
    • Provides detailed topographic maps for hiking, backpacking, cycling and other outdoor adventures in Israel.
    • Includes terrain contours, topo elevations, summits, paths, geographic points and more.
    • Includes dense contour intervals and route elevation profiles on compatible units.
    • Includes DEM (digital elevation model) and 3-D terrain shading on compatible units.
    • Contains routable road content provided by Mapa.
    • Allows you to search for destinations by address or by category; points of interest include food and drink, lodging, camping, fuel and more.
    • Includes national parks, trails and tracks, lakes, rivers and streams.
    • Offers extensive trail network coverage, including the Israel National Trail.

    Download Locked & UnLocked:
    TOPO Israel v2.01 ( 85.13 MB )

    About Coverage:
    Features topographic coverage for all of Israel.

    File:		G:/Map/Topo_Israel.img, length 44630016
    Header:   	17.01.2011 16:00:28, DSKIMG, XOR 00, V 2.01, Ms 0
    Mapset:   	TOPO Israel v2.01
    Map              length s-f  CP    prio  PID   FID  name
     TOPOISRA IDX   4680764  2
     00344575 NT   39237552  1  1252   20 L    1  2287  Topo Israel v2
     00361814 NT     147334  1  1252   20 L    1  2287  Topo Israel v2
     00372736 NT     515401  1  1252   20 LT   1  2287  Topo Israel v2
     D2821000 MPS       172  1
     I00008EF TYP      3856  1  1252           1  2287
    Data MPS
     F: PID 1, FID 2287, TOPO Israel v2
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    Re: TOPO Israel V2.01

    Thank you very much!
    Ive searched for topographic maps of Israel...
    Hope ill be able to convert these maps to oruxmaps (android) or other similar app...

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    Re: TOPO Israel V2.01

    Link is dead. Can you please re-upload. Thanks.

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