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Thread: Auto Drive Hellas v2.40

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    Auto Drive Hellas v2.40

    Auto Drive Hellas v2.40Τ

    Version 2.40T , of July 18 2012 navigable map with full Greece coverage.

    AutoDrive Hellas is a detailed road map especially designed for Garmin navigation devices. Its unbeatable coverage in conjunction with regular updates make it the most comprehensive solution for navigation in Greece, both within and outside the city. It is the only map that combines detailed coverage of cities and villages throughout Greece, with information on dirt roads, mountain peaks, beaches.
    Includes Athens greater area, Piraeus and Thessaloniki, all Prefectures capitals, and all settlements (cities/towns/villages) of Greece.
    (see detailed list of larger cities)

    412,000 kilometers of navigable road network and 12,500 settlements.
    41,000 feature names (e.g. mountain tops, harbours, bights, gulfs etc.) as well as all hydrological network (rivers, lakes, fountains)
    Many additional points of interest in these general categories:

    Sports, Transit-Trains-Tram-Metro, Airports, Harbours, Neighborhoods, Community Services, Entertainment, Education, Food, Parks-Squares, Places of Worship, Private Enterprises, Institutions, Hotels, Beaches, Tourism, Recreation, Health

    In total, more than 195,000 points of interest are included.

    Updates and additions of road network.
    Updates of street names in Attica and Kos island. More specifically, the following have been updated: Gerakas - Glyka Nera, Markolpoulo - Anavissos - Palaia Fokaia, Aigina, Salamina, Zipari and Kardamaina (Kos), as well as Avlonas (Attica) and Terpsithea (Larissa).
    Also, Via Egnatia tolls have been added.
    Additions and improvements of POIs.
    Updates and additions in Kos island, especially in tourism category (attractions, beaches, accomodation, food and entertainment).
    Corrections have been included based upon many new and some older submitted user reports.

    Downloads :
    uncompress the exe file ,the locked .img is in Main folder
    unlock with: Fast IMG Unlocker

    English version
    FID 821

    Greek version:
    FID 822

    KENWOOD DNX version (English not-NT, no TMC data):

    BIG THANKS catymag
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    Re: Auto Drive Hellas v2.40

    AutoDrive Hellas v2.40 en Unlocked IMG.rar (English) - AutoDrive Hellas v2.40 en Unlocked IMG.rar

    AutoDrive Hellas v2.40 el Unlocked IMG.rar (Greek) - AutoDrive Hellas v2.40 el Unlocked IMG.rar

    AutoDrive Hellas v2.40 en KENWOOD Unlocked IMG.rar (English, non-NT) - AutoDrive Hellas v2.40 en KENWOOD Unlocked IMG.rar

    These maps can be viewed on the PC using BaseCamp (pendrive, Garmin folder)

    AutoDrive Hellas v2.40 en Unofficial Mapsource Version - AutoDrive Hellas v2.40 en Unofficial Mapsource Version.rar

    In this version the search address function is NOT WORKING

    How to install:

    Decompress the package in C:\Garmin\ADH240 (NOT ON THE DESKTOP !!)
    Run Install.bat as Admin
    Start Mapsource, select the AutoDrive Hellas map.

    To uninstall, run Uninstall.bat as Admin
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