Garmin - Backroad Mapbooks New Brunswick v1
Requirements: Map Scale: 1:10,000 & 1:50,000 scale TOPO Maps
Regional Cities/Parks: Province of New Brunswick
Overview: The Backroad GPS Map series is designed to take you beyond the city and into the outdoors. With countless logging, industrial and bush roads, an elaborate trail system as well as thousands of recreational points of interest, no other GPS map source provides as much detail for Canada’s vast wilderness areas. We even provide the Backroad Mapbook recreation descriptions so you can cross reference what fish are in the lakes or how long that trail is. As an added bonus, you also get city details like roads and parks to allow you to navigate with confidence from your home into the backcountry and back again.

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Backroad Mapbooks New Brunswick v1 or Download Backroad Mapbooks New Brunswick v1
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