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Thread: Garmin Nuvi 265

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    Garmin Nuvi 265

    Hello GPSU friends.

    I bought one a brand new Garmin Nüvi 265 and left it laying around.
    Nowadays however i need it once a wile. Pretty nice thing, it has BT and a nice voice.
    Problem are the accuracy of the maps.
    I bought the thing in 2011 and never updated or whatever.
    Actually the first time i used it was some weeks ago.

    I've read that i can change the original .img file by one wich is from a more relavant date. But i'm not quite sure, so i need some help,
    cause i dont know if its possible and wich maps to install (*locked-unlocked*).
    The device is never tampered with, its mapdata is also stock. It has its maps internally stored, but there is a sd-cartslot on the left.

    Sorry to just put it on once plate, but im more into other things lately.

    You wanna do whát with that screwdriver?

    Read this thread for a quick usenet-reader-setup:
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    Re: Garmin Nuvi 265

    It's really simple. My recommendation:

    1. Buy 4 GB SD card
    2. Create folder Garmin in a Fat32 formatted SD.
    3. DL City Navigaror Europe NT 2014.40 from here: Garmin City Navigator Europe NT 2014.40 Unlocked (download torrent) - TPB
    4. Copy unlocked map (gmpapsupp.img) in to Garmin folder on your SD.
    5. You are good to go!

    - other files from torrent are not relevant because your device doesn't support them (gmap3d.img).
    - delete your old map from your device. It's located inside Garmin folder named "gmapprom.img"
    - connect your device with your pc, install garmin webupdater and check for software updates for your nuvi.
    - You might come across with the latest map - Garmin City Navigator Europe NT(Unicode) 2015.10 but it's in unicode standard therefore is NOT good for older models like Nuvi 265! That's why I recommended the latest NT version.
    - If you live across the Atlantic, than you need NA map: Garmin City Navigator North America NT 2015.10 Unlocked (download torrent) - TPB

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    Re: Garmin Nuvi 265

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