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Thread: Garmin TrekMap Italia v2

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    Garmin TrekMap Italia v2

    Garmin TrekMap Italia v2

    Product URL
    TrekMap Italia, the latest digital trail map, replaces Land Navigator Italy and the previous regional TrekMap products.

    TrekMap Italia includes more than 45,000 mi (73,000 km) of walking trails and bicycle paths as well as the country road network, points of interest (POI), hill shading and height contour lines. A second DVD is included for additional tourist contents (including images, PDFs, video and audio guides, etc.) from local authorities with ready-to-use GPI thematic itineraries (path plus POIs with extended description and images).

    Click the Products tab to see whether this map is compatible with your Garmin device�.

    Some features such as 3-D view or hill shading cannot be used with zūmo� series, n�vi� 510-550 and GPSMAP� 276C and 278C units. Compatibility varies depending on the device.

    * Displays searchable points of interest (POI), including restaurants, hotels, car parks and more.
    * Includes digital elevation model (DEM) data.
    * Includes auto-routing for walking and cycling across the complete road and trail network.
    * Available as a DVD and microSD™/SD™ or Download.

    Mapset: TrekMap Italia v2 Unlocked By Chipman
    FID 2212 GMAPSUPP.IMG, length 1175289856

    Thanks to Chipman & catymag
    Would be even better with a untouched & unmanipulated version if possible.
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    Re: Garmin TrekMap Italia v2

    Cant get this to install, getting any error message
    'cgpsmapper' is not recognized as an itnernal or external command,
    operaable program or batch file.
    File missing: mapset.img, aborting install.
    Press any key to continue......





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    Re: Garmin TrekMap Italia v2

    is there also a mapsource version please

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    Re: Garmin TrekMap Italia v2

    Hi I am new to this so i apologise if being thick!
    How do i save and then installsuch files?
    Thanks for any help,

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    Re: Garmin TrekMap Italia v2

    Quote Originally Posted by hector2th View Post
    is there also a mapsource version please

    here please
    Download Garmin - TrekMap Italy v2 - MapSource (Netload, 916.00MB)

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    Re: Garmin TrekMap Italia v2


    Password: ozboss18

    But: how to install into mapsource?

    bestr regards,


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    Re: Garmin TrekMap Italia v2

    copy gmap folder to Garmin map directory
    if you use WIN7 or Vista is this in C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Maps if you use XP C:\Document and Settings\All User\Application Data\Garmin\Maps

    after copy mapsource will see this map

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    Re: Garmin TrekMap Italia v2

    sorry, but I just tried to do as you said (I use XP) and MapSource does not see the map...
    Any idea?

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    Re: Garmin TrekMap Italia v2

    In XP: C:\Documents and Settings\>User<\Application Data\GARMIN\Maps
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    Re: Garmin TrekMap Italia v2

    Thanks very much but netload is bein a real pain - doesn't want to play with JDownloader, doesn't want to open normally for me. Any chance you could download it somewhere else?


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