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Thread: eTrex 10/20/30

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    eTrex 10/20/30

    I have an old original Etrex yellow.

    I have searched and searched and can't find a definitive answer to my question ..... Do I need to buy a cable with the RS232 connection or will the USB cables work with this unit?

    Thanks in Advance

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    Etrex20 or GPSMAP 62s - Overland Travel - Multiple Maps

    i'm looking for a unit to supplement the use of NRoute and Mapsource on a Laptop for a long trip round the world. We will be off for two years so need lots of maps which i can put on the units from the laptop or have pre-writte SD cards to put in the units.

    Cost is a factor so which one should i go for ? Are there any features i'm missing as they both seem to do similar things.

    We will be using track logs and Maps4Africa and all sort of stuff like OSM and Velo maps to supplement. Are these two the cheapest ones that are suitable. I've even looked at the Nuvi. I currently have a GPS4 !
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    re: eTrex 10/20/30

    you either need a RS232 cable interface from Etrex to your PC, or use a USB to RS232 converter then the small adapter to fit into the Etrex connector.
    Protool used for old Etrex is serial protocol, so USB will not fit (except through USB to RS232 adapter).

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    etrex 10/20/30

    I got eTrex 30. The readability of the screen and first look are available here.

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    etrex 10/20/30, Montana 600/650/650t (need) GarminDevice.xml

    Can anyone with any of these devices send me the GarminDevice.xml file found in the units Garmin directory? Please send an email with your device type and the Garmin Device.xml to babj615 (at)

    Thank You!

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    Re: etrex 10/20/30, Montana 600/650/650t (need) GarminDevice.xml

    eTrex 20/30 software version 2.61 Beta
    as of February 10, 2012

    Garmin: eTrex 20/30 Updates & Downloads

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    Re: etrex 10/20/30, Montana 600/650/650t (need) GarminDevice.xml

    On my Etrex 20, I cannot put back to zero, the total altitude, when I reset the odometer, I don't know how to make, I have reload the version of the firmaware 2.60, because I was with the Silly firmawre 2.61, it is similar !
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    Re: etrex 10/20/30, Montana 600/650/650t (need) GarminDevice.xml

    The new firmware 2.70 doesn't correct the defect of reset of the total ascension on my Etrex 20.

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    which of these files are compatible w/ eTrex 20?

    I just bought an eTrex 20 and have City Navigator North America NT on my PC from a previous unit.

    Can someone tell me which of the files will be compatible with this device?

    I'm pretty sure all but the .jcv and gmap3d.img files are compatible. Is this correct?

    I dont have an external SD card yet so I'm trying not to burn up memory.

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    Re: which of these files are compatible w/ eTrex 20?

    Question I have the national geographic topo maps for Colorado! How do I make a map or picture of a area and move it to my etrex 30? Thanks

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