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Thread: GPS Map 451

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    GPS Map 451

    Hi all,

    I hope this isn't an extremely stupid question (or maybe it is better if it is so that it can be solved quickly ), but I'm having trouble viewing unlocked bluecharts on my garmin gpsmap 451. I've tried both the unlocked spain and portugal map as well as the eastern caribbean map. What I did was

    1. Copy the .img file to a folder called "Garmin" on a blank SD card
    2. Put the sd card into the plotter

    Then, when I booted up the device, it recognises the map but I get a message saying cannot unlock map. I definitely downloaded unlocked versions of the maps, so I'm not sure what I am doing wrong.

    Also, I'm not sure if this is relavent, but after trying the sd card in the plotter and putting it back in my pc, it seems the plotter added an XML document called GarminDevice to the card.

    Any help would be really apprciated!

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    Re: GPS Map 451

    You are to get sdcard ID and create a unlock code with keygen.
    The maps will work without problems.
    Some unlockers will cause some conflicts g2 vision maps.

    Format the sdcard and insert into your device or other Nuvi to get the card ID.

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