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Thread: GPSMAP 62/62CSx/62s/62st

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    Re: GPSMAP 62 S Can't unlock CNNA 2011.1

    Ok sorry to reply again..

    I have Downloaded Europe Map 2011.20

    I unlocked in map source then selected the map I want. ie UK.
    I then sent it to my 62s.
    I then copied the map from my GPS
    I then Used GarminUnlockerAlternativev5.53 to unlock my map.
    I then copied back to my GPS

    And it works

    Does this sound about correct..

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    Re: GPSMAP 62 S Can't unlock CNNA 2011.1

    A little guide I put together...

    Installing 2011.20 On 62s

    Ok this is some advice for people installing this Map on the new firmware GPS's ie 62s in my case.

    1. Install Mapsource 16.2
    2. Replace Mapsource.exe with the patched version
    3. Install 2011.20 Map 'Remember to use the file CNEUNT2011_20Update.msi under IMG Dir to install as other way asks for serial'
    4. Unlock the Map using Jetmouse 1.5 KeyGen 'Map code 2266'
    5. Select what Map you want or ALL of Europe
    6. Send to Device 'Select a HDD or GPS doesnt matter where'
    7. Find the file 'gmapsupp' which has been created 'I send mine to my HDD a its faster'
    8. Use Garmin unlocker Alternative v5.3 to unlock the Map.
    9. Copy the unlocked map back to the GPS /Garmin Directory.
    10. FINISHED

    The reason why you have to do this method with the 62s and newer firmware GPS's is because they have a more sophisticated protection. If you don't follow these steps and just unlock the map with Mapsource then what happens is once it gets sent to the GPS and you turn on the GPS it will display 'CANT AUTHENTICATE'. Wont load the map.

    My method above works I have used it, I am not 100% sure if its the easiest or correct way but IT WORKS

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    Re: GPSMAP 62 S Can't unlock CNNA 2011.1

    Thank you!!!

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    re: GPSMAP 62CSx

    Check this thread dude
    I have the 62s and there are a few alterations to the unlocking of the maps.

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    GPSMAP 62st

    Hello everyone.
    I just picked up a new Garmin 62st. Very nice unit. I am just wondering if there is a way to get the micro sd cards serial number with this unit?


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    re: GPSMAP 62st

    I heard there is a demo video. Does anyone know where i can find it on the web?


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    Registering Garmin 62s

    This may be a noob question but I have just purchase a 62s handheld and I would like to use garmins Birds eye view.
    To do so I must register my gps, would this create an issue when trying to use maps from this website?

    Also would I be better off just taking screenshots from google earth and loading those onto my device?

    Cheers all

    Greets to all my fellow NZ'rs here on the forums

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    Re: GPSMAP 62 S Can't unlock CNNA 2011.1

    Where can I find Mapsource 16.2 for free

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    Re: GPSMAP 62 S Can't unlock CNNA 2011.1

    browse in Garmin Open Tools & Tweaks

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    Re: GPSMAP 62 S Can't unlock CNNA 2011.1

    Thank you you all.

    This unlock solution is work well on Thailand Street map V.11 NT or not ? I ask because , I have not Map62 right now. But i am going to buy on next month. If you have free time please testing for me , otherwise you just confirm to this solution.

    Thank you you all so much

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