Hi guys, four years ago I found this site while looking to update my 76CSx. After reading through the forums I was able to update the unit and put South East Caribbean maps on it. Thanks for the help.

I have upgraded my boat and GPS system. I am hoping to find some clarification for my new GPSMap 720s Chartplotter. I have the South East Caribbean Blue Chart G2 Vision SD Card for the unit. I would like to be able to use other G2 vision charts on my unit. I have read that I need to create a gmapsupp.unl file on the MicroSD card to allow the charts to work. I have also read if I use an unlocked .img file it will work fine on the chartplotter and I will not need the SD cards ID number.

Has anybody had luck using different Charts on a 720 or similar chartplotter? If so, what process did you use? Do I use the SD card I already have or can I put the charts on a different SD card to keep the charts organized.

Thanks for your help. Warm Caribbean Vibes for all.