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Thread: GPSMAP 60CS/60CSx

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    Re: SHould I replace my Garmin 60csx with an Oregon 450? Is it worrth it?

    I bought one of the newer touch screen outdoor Oregon navs because it was available at a good price, I had a 60c at the time. I promptly sold the Oregon after just a couple of days of testing - viewing the screen in daylight was terrible. I upgraded to the 60csx you have now instead.

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    Re: SHould I replace my Garmin 60csx with an Oregon 450? Is it worrth it?

    I will replace my 60csx with 62s.
    Oregon is a touch-screen toy....60csx and 62s are TOOLS !!!
    The only reason to replace it is because I'm very into Custom Maps and BirdsEye scenery.
    In my opinion there is no other reason to replace a 60csx.

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    Talking Garmin noob... Help ?

    Hey, i'm completly new to garmin's products.

    I just got a GPSmap 60Csx, and a would like to get some maps on it, and well here is the problem, i don't know how to do i right. I am not a tech-idiot, but i dont really get how the garmin ecosystem works..

    I have downloaded the pacht version of Mapsource from this side, and i just tried to finde a smal free map that i can put on to my 60Csx..

    Also, i would like to finde some maps for the nordics (Denmark, Sweeden, Norway..) Maby in topo?

    And also for New Zealand, as im going ther for 6 months..

    Can Som one help me?

    And sorry for my bad english..

    Cheers Tobias

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    Re: Garmin noob... Help ?

    Okay, i have now begon downloading a map as an img. file and i should be unlocked from the download. så how can i put this on to my device?

    Cheers Tobias

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    Re: Garmin noob... Help ?

    Okay, now i got i( i think)

    Place the .img file in a folder caled "garmin" on the sd card and everything is working Now i just need to figger out how to deal whit locked maps

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    Re: Garmin noob... Help ?

    Free nz maps available [URL="

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    Re: Garmin noob... Help ?

    [QUOTE=wooda2;39215]Free nz maps available [URL="[/QUOTE]

    THX!!!! :P If ther were somthing like this for sweeden to it would be nice!

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    help please garmin 60csx

    good day
    can someone please point me the the right direction where i can find maps for my 60csx -i would like snow mobile routes if possible along with updates

    thank you


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    Indonesia Map issue

    Hi, I have a Garmin 60csx and have recently started using this site. I am heading to Indonesia and was trying to install the gmapsupp.img file for my benefit whilst over there. I have tried to do this via mapsource and also trying to direct copy it via the sd card under the garmin directory. No luck at all. I was able to install a MFM version of all Malaysia via the mapsource. Now being a novice I have got myself into a state of total confusion and am at the point of collapse. Am I doing something wrong here that the file .img file is not compatible with my mapsource

    I have also tried to install or convert via mapsetToolkit which again confusion set in. It kept asking for a cgsmapper which I found and installed. No further luck. Any advice in a non confusing format would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Why do I see two firmware version numbers displayed on my 60csx?

    hello i am new to this whole gps thing.I have a garmin 60csx. I am looking to get a map for the gps that has a little more detailed city road map. i am not looking to use it as a navigation system its main use is for snowmobiling and atv trips and would just like some more details as to what roads are around me.

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