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Thread: zūmo 660

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    garmin display language

    After restoring the backup and updating mi Zumo 660, the display language is English. How do I change that please?

    Ok, problem solved. After the webupdate i had the choice.
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    ZUMO 660

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    Question display the Garmin Zumo in the PC

    there is any application or program to display the Garmin Zumo in
    the PC? Thanks

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    Re: display the Garmin Zumo in the PC

    not sure what you meant by displaying zumo in pc but to view map before transfer to zumo, you can use mapsource

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    Re: display the Garmin Zumo in the PC

    I mean to show the Garmin Zumo screen on your computer, to use the
    monitor as a screen when I connect remotely with TeamViewer

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    Zumo 660 sometimes says: there are locked data files on the unit


    I've got a zumo 660 with a 8gb sd card with mp3 folder and also map and poi.
    Sometimes when I start my device, I have this message: " there are locked data files on you unit." I can run the device in navigation mode, but I have no access to mp3. When i try to listen music, it said " no mp3 files found." I have to switch the unit off and switch it on again. Sometime I to do this 2 or 3 times before it starts properly. Any solution on this ?

    Thank you for your help.

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    Question about Zumo 660

    In a short time I'll buy a Zumo 660 for my motorbike. Now I've a 2720.

    Does the maps like the ones here fit the 660? I've yet tried to download the unlocked img and I've succesfully upgraded my 2720. Where can I find the procedure to do the same with the 660?


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    Info on Zumo 660

    I've got a new Zumo 660 and connected it to my Mac. Browing through the folders on the unit I've seen that there's a folder named Garmin with gmapprom.img (2.22Gb) inside.

    To upload the maps to the latest version available it's correct to download the latest unlocked maps and replace that file?

    Just to be more clear, can I download this one from Kor@l

    3) CN Europe NT 2011.40 FULL. 2.06GB IMG Unlocked

    rename the file to gmapprom.img (if it's different) and replace the file present in the Garmin folder on my unit?

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    Re: Info on Zumo 660

    If it's new and with a 2.22Gb map, can you see what version is installed, if it's 2011.40 you don't need to download it.

    The 2011.40 Full 2.06Gb run without problem in Zumo660

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    Re: Info on Zumo 660

    Thanks Kor@l. The version is 2011.40. My question is just to know if the procedure is correct so when a new version is released I know what to do...

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    Re: Info on Zumo 660

    The procedure is the same, when new map comes out replace the old one in HDD or create Garmin folder in SD and put the new map inside.

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