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Thread: GPSMAP 276/278

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    Re: GPSMAP 278

    There is another solution if you do not want to buy a new bigger memory card to 278 and still be able to use several maps.

    I use parts of the CNE, 2012.4, TOPO Sweden Svealand, Götaland, southern and central Norrland and northern Norrland.

    The map menu, I can choose exactly which map I want to use.

    Create an img file with MS with them parts of the maps you use (up to 2Gb)

    Send them to the device's internal memory (see description in previous post).

    When completed, all maps in the device but you can not choose which map you want.

    Create a new img file in MS, but only one map part of each map and send to the device's memory card ...

    Now you can disable / enable the maps that you want .....
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    Re: GPSMAP 278

    We found way to save gmapsupp.img or gmapprom.img file to GPSMAP278 on internal memory......

    Create for instance....... map "test" on C:\ than create gmapsupp.img with can also rename it in gmapprom.img and put file in that "test" map

    than go to start button and start cmd.exe (commander)...... than type cd... twice to get to c:\ connect GPSMAP to USB ( watch out that your battery level is sufficient for data transfer)

    And than type in commander:

    Webupdater.exe /upload_file rgn=49 path=c:\test\gmapsupp.img /autorun usb /i (for gmapsupp file)


    Webupdater.exe /upload_file rgn=49 path=c:\test\gmapprom.img /autorun usb /i (for gmapprom file)

    and transfer will begin! For correct transfer you must have webupdater preinstalled!

    ONLY PROBLEM IS!!!!..........that i don`t know how to erase loaded img file if I want to replace older map with newer for instance!

    Webupdater will say that there is not enough memory left on GPSMAp

    I found some directions........but I am not keen on hacking and I don`t know how to use them...

    - WebUpdater should be run in installer mode.
    [/k] - WebUpdater should keep running after a successful transfer.
    [/autorun usb|serial] - WebUpdater should autodetect a USB or serial device and begin transfer immediately.
    [/checksum_check rgn=<rgnnum> chk=<chksum>] - After transferring data to the region specified, WebUpdater will request the unit to checksum this region.
    [/unlock_check fid=<familyid> pid=<productid>] - Before transferring data, WebUpdater will ensure that the user has unlock codes for the given family and product.
    [/sacrifice_maps rgn=<rgnnum>] - WebUpdater will ask the unit if <rgnnum> is large enough for the data it will receive. If not, MapSource maps will be erased to make room.
    [/offline path=<location of Package.XML>] - WebUpdater will perform the update using Package.XML instead of the Garmin server.
    [/upload_file rgn=<rgnnum> path=<location of img file> -autorun usb|serial] - Performs image transfer.
    [/offline path=<location of update files> -autorun usb|serial] - Performs all updates in the given folder.

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    Re: GPSMAP 278

    It's important that there is no garmin stick inside your gps device, otherwise webupdater will try to put the info on that. If you use the method you described above, webupdater will automatically erase the data which is now in your device. So, it will overwrite the old datat.

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    Re: GPSMAP 278

    I have a Garmin 478 I would like to update. From what I can tell, I need the DVD to update, as these img files and mapsource won't work.

    I've tried the DOS webupdater command with an img file. It starts, says it erased the unit, starts uploading, then quits. The GPS reboots and it isn't erased. I've had the same results using several machines. The GPS says it's transferring data, but it seems to hang around 25%. I've tried using only 1 map that is about 1mb to rule out the size too.

    Can anyone clarify how or if I can use this to update my unit?


    BTW - using Windows 7
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    Re: GPSMAP 278

    The 478 has 2 memory partitions: 1 part of 1.37 Gb under rgn=77 and part 2 of 450 Mb under rgn=49. So that's your problem. Adjust the DOS formula accordingly.

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    Re: GPSMAP 278

    Quote Originally Posted by bahco View Post
    The 478 has 2 memory partitions: 1 part of 1.37 Gb under rgn=77 and part 2 of 450 Mb under rgn=49. So that's your problem. Adjust the DOS formula accordingly.
    On my 478 I have:

    - CN North America NT 2011.40 ALL
    - US Marine Detail Map g2 v3.50
    - America's Autoroute Weather Basemap

    It seems the Basemap is built into the system software. Is the Marine Map solely in rgn 49 and City Nav solely in rgn 77? Or is it more complex than this?

    Also, is there any way to read an IMG from one of the memory partitions (i.e transfer from the GPS to a PC)? I'm curious to see how large the installed CN NA NT 2011.40 is. If it's less than 1.37GB it seems odd that the size has grown by nearly 45% in 2 years to now be close to 2GB.

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