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Thread: nüvi 1390/1390T/1390LMT

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    Re: img maps & 2GB limit

    first ... how have you named your maps (gmapxxxx, ....)
    second.... you have put them to.... wich directory?
    third... do you have unlocked maps?
    let me se first to answer on those questions, and then we'll go on next steps...


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    Re: img maps & 2GB limit


    I would like to put gmapsupp.img on GARMIN NUVI 1390? In which map on GARMIN (no microSD card) to put map and which file for unlock? (gmapsupp.unl)

    Thank you


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    Unhappy Garmin 1390 has lost audio

    I don't think my previous post was submited properly so I'm going again. What is the difference between the Nuvi 1390 and the 1390t? I've lost all audio after a software update.

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    Re: nüvi 1390 no sound

    nuvi 1390T no sound...
    update webupdate and nothing
    plz help me ...

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    Garmin 1390T after update no sound plz help!

    Garmin 1390T after update no sound no voice... plz help!

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    Re: Garmin 1390T after update no sound plz help!

    read here

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    Re: nüvi 1390 no sound

    lost audio/no sound - read here

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    Re: nüvi 1390 no sound

    hi, any one have 1390 firmware software update file.... please email me....

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    Help and advise plz on garmin power plug / socket

    I currently have a garmin nuvi 1390t
    i have a charge cable attached to my motorcycle only problem i have when i first put power to the garmin it detects the charge cable as the same as a usb cable you use to conect to a pc . this is fine but the unit reboots several times before it realises that its not a pc does any one have the wiring for the correct plug or the pinouts
    im guessing that i need either an extra ground or maybe an extra 5v

    thanks in advance Gary

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    Routes on a 1390ltm

    Hi all..
    I am a Mio person and have been for years and years, writen my own skins and code and what not..
    but, I am new to the nuvi, I was given a 1390ltm which is ok I guess, but it seems I am unable to use the .gpx routes I have transferd into the unit.
    ,, my question is why, and is there a way to add this, I see some models have it, and you go to your data folder and you have your routes there, where as, other models don't..seems a little silly, but hey.. anyway, it there a switch(software) or a line of code or a program that can be added??? the 1490lmt has it, the 1390lmt does not..
    Thank you...

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